EASTON - Loriann Oberlin is a licensed clinical professional counselor with a primary office in Easton. She is enrolling members into a 9-week women's support group to begin in February.

"This group will gather women ages 35-60 who need to take at least one hour for themselves, but likely do not," Oberlin said. "Women tend to put their selfcare last. I liken this to the flight attendant who warns when giving emergency instructions that you really have to take care of yourself first to help your family."

The group will provide time to process parenting, relationships, work/life balance, career/education and life goals as well as self-esteem and selfdiscovery.

This group will be limited to six women who do not have prior relationships with one another. A required intake appointment and individual sessions may be covered by insurance, but support groups are not designed for such reimbursement. Weekly attendance costs $39 per session.

Loriann Oberlin Counseling & Mediation, LLC is located just off Glebe Road on Commerce Drive in Easton. Her practice accepts several insurance plans including CIGNA, BC/BS PPO, OneNet PPO and InforMed as well as some employee assistance programs.

Enrollment in the women's support group, which runs nine weeks beginning in February, is limited. It will meet once per week, at 7 p.m. on either Monday or Thursday evenings, to be decided by the majority's preference. For more information, reach Oberlin at www.loriannoberlin.com or call 301-461-8528 for an appointment in the Easton office.

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