DENTON "This is something the girls have really enjoyed," Colonel Richardson Middle School physical education teacher Stephanie Chester said during the culmination tournament of a bowling unit.

Chester is the first physical education teacher in Caroline County to use the Bowlers Education unit in her girls' physical education classes.

Roger Eareckson, supervisor of physical education, said he was originally looking at bowling as a winter Corollary Sport for the county (sports for children with a disability) and talked to the owners of the Bowling Center in Easton.

"I had the bowling center give a presentation to our PE teachers during a professional in-service day as a way of building support for the sport's program and Ms. Chester took it from there," Eareckson said.

Chester held a tournament between the best six teams on March 18. Other students in the school were allowed to attend the tournament and cheer on their favorite teams.

Chester said the Bowling Center in Easton supported the program by providing the equipment. The equipment includes six long bowling lanes, pins and bowling balls, specially made for bowling in a gymnasium.

The curriculum, taught for five weeks, includes teaching students the fundamentals of bowling, stance and how to hold the bowling ball.

"This is an excellent program," Chester said.

She said at first many of the girls weren't that excited about learning how to bowl, but after getting involved in the program, "they have gotten very competitive."

Eareckson said the program is a good one.

"Any time you can diversify your physical education program from the traditional team sports and still meet the state objectives of skillfulness, physical activity and social-psychological principles, it is a good thing.

"Hopefully some of the students will continue with the bowling activity and enjoy the fun of being physically active throughout their lives," he added.


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