CAMBRIDGE Like the rest of the state, Dorchester County favored Mitt Romney in Tuesday's primary election, with 1,007 votes cast for the Republican presidential candidate accounting for 47.5 percent of Dorchester Republican voters.

Rick Santorum garnered 30 percent of the vote in Dorchester, with 635 votes; New Gingrich took 14 percent of the vote, with 300 votes and 138 voted for Ron Paul, for 6.5 percent of the vote.

Other Republican candidates received the following number of votes in Dorchester: 10 for Jon Huntsman, 3 for Fred Karger, 9 for Rick Perry and 14 for Buddy Roemer.

Democrats in Dorchester cast 1,092 votes for incumbent President Barack Obama, for 76.7 percent of the Democratic vote, while 332 said they were uncommitted to any candidate, for 23.3 percent of the vote.

All of these tallies are from unofficial election results released by the Dorchester County Board of Elections.

The 3,679 people who voted, including early voting, accounted for 21 percent of the 17,475 currently registered to vote in Dorchester.

Dorchester election officials will start counting most of the county's absentee votes at 10 a.m. today.

Counting of approved provisional ballots, which are those taken at polls which were questionable, will start at 10 a.m. Wednesday, April 11, with the final count of absentee votes to begin at 10 a.m. Friday, April 13.

Election officials said there are fewer than 200 absentee ballots to count for Dorchester.

In the U.S. Senate election, Dorchester cast 1,064 votes for incumbent Sen. Ben Cardin. C. Anthony Muse is the top challenger, with 101 votes.

Among Republican Senate candidates, Richard Douglas got the most votes, 658; followed by Daniel Bongino, with 294 votes and Joseph Alexander, with 152 votes.

In the District 1 congressional race, Republicans cast 1,730 votes for Andy Harris, accounting for 100 percent of Republican voters, according to Dorchester election statistics.

Dorchester Democrats cast 744 votes for congressional candidate Wendy Rosen, with 486 votes cast for John LaFerla and 104 votes for Kim Letke.


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