SUDLERSVILLE — E.T. Kimble resigned Wednesday from his seat on the Sudlersville board of town commissioners, much to the surprise of the four other members on the board.

Kimble, the board’s vice president, had been on the commission since his election in 2005. His decision was announced by Commission President Bill Faust at a special meeting Thursday afternoon.

“(Kimble) came in and turned all of his stuff into the town administrator yesterday (wednesday) and said he was done,” Faust said. “I tried to talk to him at the (Sudlersville town) carnival grounds last night and he just kept telling me, ‘I’m done. That’s it, I’m done’.”

“That’s all I know,” Faust added. “It was a surprise to me.”

Commissioner Gregory Clark, who sits on the board along with Faust, Kevin Kerr and Ronald Ford, also admitted that he wasn’t expecting Kimble’s sudden resignation.

“I’m shocked,” said Clark. “I haven’t heard a word from him at all.”

Former commissioner Constance Engrem, who stepped down from her seat in August 2012 citing personal reasons, will replace Kimble as interim commissioner. She will be sworn in at the board’s August 7 meeting.

“(Engrem) said a couple months ago that she missed it and wished she could come back. When this happened, I talked to a couple of you and I said I was going to call her and see (if she wanted the seat),” Faust said. “She said, well give me a couple days to think about. I’m going to talk to my husband. Then, 15 minutes later, she called back and said, ‘Yeah, I’m going to do it’.”

In accordance with the town charter, Engrem will serve out the rest of Kimble’s term as interim commissioner. The board voted unanimously to install Engrem until the seat is up for election in 2015.

The Sudlersville commissioners meet the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 at the town hall.

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