Vote for your candidate by his or her programs and policies, not by race or religion, or gender. In our Congress, there are whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians and a Native American; Protestants, Catholics, Jews, Mormons, Orthodox, and "Others," including "Don't know/Refused"; males and females, and a majority of millionaires.

Note: Both the President and his opponent are millionaires so, there is no "right" or "wrong" by race, religion, or gender. Vote for whom you believe will represent your best interests, and realize that the politics of both parties is primarily in the hands of wealthy incumbents and office-seekers who are diverse in religious beliefs, or different races and of both sexes. Be sure to vote. It's our country. They work for us. We can put them into office. And, we can see to it that they don't get re-elected if they fail to work for our best interests. If you like a particular politician, vote for the candidate. If you don't like a politician, vote him or her out. Not voting allows that status to remain unchanged. Every vote is important, so vote, but vote wisely.


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