1 On this date in history, In 1626, Dutch explorer Peter Minuit landed on present-day Manhattan Island. In 1776, Rhode Island declared its freedom from England, two months before the Declaration of Independence was adopted. In 1886, at Haymarket Square in Chicago, a labor demonstration for an 8-hour work day turned into a deadly riot when a bomb exploded. In 1932, mobster Al Capone, convicted of income-tax evasion, entered the federal penitentiary in Atlanta. (Capone was later transferred to Alcatraz Island.) Famous birthdays — Actor Will Arnett is 51. Sports reporter Erin Andrews (pictured) is 43. Singer Lance Bass (‘N Sync) is 42.

2 A local family decided to donate reward money to local animal shelters after initially offering the cash for information leading to the identification and charging of the person or persons responsible for the death of their dogs. Mike and Ashley Hartford received donations for a reward totaling more than $3,500 after the story spread, and in keeping with their original intent of donating the funds if no arrests were made, they announced they are donating the money to local shelters and rescue groups (Story on A3)

3 In the first Biden administration rule aimed at combatting climate change, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is proposing to phase down production and use of hydrofluorocarbons, highly potent greenhouse gases commonly used in refrigerators and air conditioners. The proposed rule follows through on a law Congress passed in December authorizing a 15-year phaseout of HFCs. The new rule is intended to decrease U.S. production and use of the gases by 85% over the next 15 years, part of a global phaseout intended to slow climate change. HFCs are considered a major driver of global warming and are being targeted worldwide. President Joe Biden has pledged to embrace a 2016 global agreement to reduce HFCs. (Story on A2)

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