SALISBURY — Nearly two hundred Mid-Shore students were named to the dean’s list at Salisbury University for the fall 2019 semester.

Caroline County

Denton area residents include Logan Bilbrough, Jessica Bowdle, Olivia Calwell, Kelly Dove, William Fox, Katie Lewis, Lauryn Shortall, Christine Sturm and Alison Ward.

Federalsburg area residents include Zia Ashraf, Jessica Collins, Kassidy Fishell, Ryan Haynes, Deena Hynson, Kelsey Limpert, Dreama O’Donnell, Mirose Pierville, Alexis Planner, Audrey Schirmer, Bevan Smith, Tyler Smith, Ayisha Sohail, Natalie Southard, Jenna Towers and Morgan Willoughby.

Goldsboro area residents include Kayla Blann and Bryanne Cahall.

Greensboro area residents include Caitlin Griffin, Aubree Strange and Robert Turley.

Henderson area residents include James Caraker and Jessica Riddell.

Preston area residents include Eric Blackwell, Brooke Coulbourne, Tara Gomez, Kendel Gowe, Emma Hacker, Abigail Johnson, Rachel Johnson, Mikaela Johnston, Miranda Larrimore, Nicholas Lewis, Jenna Markland, Marissa Moldoch, Austin Robbins and Erin Stubbs.

Ridgely area residents include Donovan Beck and Raymond Davis.

Other area residents include Malinalli Gomez De Los Santos of Marydel.

Dorchester County

Cambridge area residents include Karlie Allen, Kathryn Allen, Kayla Allen, Savannah Borrelli, Olivia Davidson, Madison Forrest, Lauren Gomez, Edwin Hernandez-Martinez, Ian Leverage, Thomas Levy, Tyler Martin, Mitchell McDonald, Aubrey Miller, Sophia Perry, Sarah Waters and Jamie Wright.

East New Market area residents include Erin Freeman, Megan Harding, Aubree Hodde, Allanah Insley, Maddison Lednum, Emily Marshall, Sadie Reid and Jakob Todd.

Hurlock area residents include Kaitlyn Kimball, Kadie Laramore, Megan Neal, Nicholas Nuwer, Brett Stiles and Jerome Thomas.

Woolford area residents include Jarrett Bromwell and Carrie Price.

Other area residents include Ashley Hayden of Fishing Creek; Sawyer Hill of Linkwood; Riley Keener of Madison; Caitlyn McCaslin of Taylors Island; Cierra Robinson of Toddville and Abigail Robinson of Wingate.

Kent County

Chestertown area residents include Kathryn Bannister, Anna Hall, Jordan Jachimowicz, Alexis Kelser, John Leichling, Rebecca Strootman, Sarah Whitby, Dylan Williams and Abigail Zsebedics.

Galena area residents include Marisa Pisapia, Ryan Santmyer and Parker Wise.

Worton area residents include Jillian Hyland and Natalie Prochaska.

Other area residents include Katie Whitenight of Millington and Austin Short of Still Pond.

Queen Anne’s County

Centreville area residents include Heather Beach, Callie Benton, Abigail Bonuccelli, Colin Brown, Ashley Carpenter, Madison Darrah, Bradley Forsyth, Emma Hill, Josie Inzer, Erin Karrh, Harvir Kaur, David Mitchell, Jean Claude Mocombe, Ryan Muller, Lindsay Ray, Taylor Schaefer, Victoria Sorrels, Sarah Tinelli, James Turner, Mackenzie Wheeler and Megan Williams.

Chester area residents include Dean Adams, Jessica Gabriel, Bradley Haas, Kyleigh Meehan and Megan White.

Church Hill area residents include Chase Porter, Paige Richardson and Megan Toth.

Grasonville area residents include Jessica Holm, Kenneth Leonard, Michael Raines and Jasmine Spurry.

Queenstown area residents include Grace Depanise, Maura Dullea, Taylor Krause and Sydney Parsons.

Stevensville area residents include Ryan Clocker, Katherine Gauntt, Brady Loveless, Alyson Madigan, James McLean, Katherine Norman, Sophia Patterson, Alexa Ray, Allison Rosela, Alyssa Schneider, Dana Schneider, Caitlin Souder and Samuel Steen.

Sudlersville area residents include Cassandra Blake, Isabelle Bowers, Anna Downs, Brendin Gestole and Ryleigh Paskoski.

Other area residents include Carrie Comfort of Queen Anne.

Talbot County

Cordova area residents include Lillian Blizzard, Bailey Harris and Alison Todd.

Easton area residents include Steffani Beakley, Chase Browning, Meredith Camper, Ty’Nijae Copper, Gerard Dundon, Montana Dye, Arlette Felix-Martinez, Cameron Foster, Zachary Foster, Christian Frampton, Lauren Hellman, Alyvia Hutley, Samantha Kennedy, Ashton Landers, Bradley Lill, Devin Liner, Evelyn Martin, Nathan Messick, Quanesha Miller, Bailey Olds, Anna Slaughenhoupt, Courtney Walsworth, James Wood and Alexandra Wright.

Saint Michaels area residents include Sequoia Chupek, Elise McGovern and Julia Spurry.

Other area residents include Samantha Jones of McDaniel; Melissa Richardson of Newcomb; Abigail Sherwood of Oxford; Allison Kirszenbaum of Tilghman; Whitney Sterling of Trappe and Lillian Murphy of Wittman.

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