SALISBURY — Some 27 Talbot County students recently graduated from Salisbury University. They were among the 1,691 students who received 1,442 bachelor’s degrees, 243 master’s degrees and six doctoral degrees during a ceremony at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center.

Easton area residents include Ashley Ayers, B.A.S.W.; Lauren Carrico, M.Ed., educational leadership; Alexis Cherbonnier, B.A.S.W., cum laude; Ryan Duffy, B.S., management; Rani Ewing, B.S.N, magna cum laude, University Honors; Garrett Fowler, B.S., mathematics, summa cum laude; Levin Harrison, B.A., communication arts; Malley Hester, M.S.W.; Kimberly Hurlock, B.A.S.W., summa cum laude; Susan Knade, M.S.W.; Tiffany Knight, B.S., interdisciplinary studies; Jessica Lantz, B.S., interdisciplinary studies, magna cum laude; Alessandra-Anna Micheli, B.S., biology; Samantha Rivera, B.A.S.W., B.A., psychology; Kristyn Simpkins; B.A., communication arts, summa cum laude; Matthew Taylor, B.A., psychology; David Tyler, B.S., physics; Rachael Wood, B.S., physical education; and Allyson Wozniak, B.A.S.W., magna cum laude.

Trappe area residents include Michael Bishoff, B.A.S.W., summa cum laude; Gaven Parker, M.Ed., educational leadership; and Ethan Sterling, B.A., environmental studies.

Other area residents include Laura Mitchell, M.S.W., of Cordova; Pamela Chollet, M.S.W., of Neavitt; Ashley Osborne, B.S., elementary education, summa cum laude, of Oxford; Morris Lewis, B.A., political science, of Sherwood; and Elizabeth Morris, B.S., elementary education, summa cum laude, of St. Michaels.

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