I don’t want to say I saw a UFO in Chincoteague, Va., recently, but, I did see an unidentified flying object. Actually, I saw seven or eight. Everyone at the house we stayed in saw them.

On Sunday night, June 19, we watched as a series of orange orbs cruised from south to north over the Assateague Channel at about a 20-degree angle. They traveled at a consistent speed, then slowed down and faded out.

They came in groups of three, these orange orbs in the night sky.

We wondered what we were watching. Our first instinct was to Google “orange orbs.” You can probably guess how helpful that was. The UFO Reporting Center website has a whole archive on orange orbs. Sightings are listed in North Carolina, Wisconsin and Bicholim Goa, India, and that’s just in the last 45 days or so.

Back across the Chincoteague Channel lies Wallops Island, home of a NASA flight center. That weekend it played host to military planes performing in the OC Air Show at nearby Ocean City.

Knowing that fighter jets were in the area, I called NASA the morning after we saw the orbs. I left a voicemail for one of the spokespeople listed on the Wallops website. I missed the call back, but the spokesman was good enough to leave me a voicemail about my UFO sighting.

“I couldn’t tell you what in the heck those lights would’ve been if you saw lights last night. We weren’t flying anything,” he said, very politely. “I couldn’t tell you what you saw.”

I was down but not out of options. The U.S. Coast Guard has a base on Chincoteague. Also, Assateague Island and its famous ponies are managed by the National Park Service.

Being that the Coast Guard is a branch of our armed forces, I wanted to wait off on bothering them with a UFO sighting. So I bothered the National Park Service instead. The park official who called me back suggested I call NASA.

Still stalling on bothering the military, I contacted a Chincoteague campground. Perhaps a local could give me heads up on whatever it was we saw. The man on the phone said maybe it was drones or the military. Other inquiries with locals netted no results.

Great, so I’m back to the military again.

I went onto the Coast Guard’s website and filled in an official inquiry form with the Mid-Atlantic district, to the effect of, “I’m a reporter. My family and I saw weird orange orbs last night. Do you know what they were?” I’m paraphrasing. I’m sure I sounded like a much bigger kook.

“This does not fit the description of anything related to the Coast Guard nor is the Coast Guard aware. I suggest contacting the NASA facility on Wallops Island to see if they have an explanation,” a public affairs officer replied via email. “Best of luck with the article!”

So now I was back to NASA, which really meant I was back to square one. I bet if I called Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, they would have told me to call NASA. Mulder and Scully are from “The X-Files,” which I just realized is a 20-year-old reference at this point.

I do not think what we saw was alien. That is not to say I don’t believe in aliens. Contemplating infinite space for too long is mind-blowing. The idea that, in all the unending vastness of space, we are the only other living beings just does not add up to me.

There is a totally reasonable and logical explanation for what we witnessed June 19, I’m sure of it. Perhaps they were drones. Maybe they were sky lanterns, which are banned in both Maryland and Virginia. That would explain why locals would not say those were what we saw.

“I think it was a pony with a jetpack,” my wife said, jokingly.

Maybe so.

Dan Divilio is editor of The Kent County News. Email him at ddivilio@thekentcountynews.com. Follow him on Twitter @Daniel_KentNews.

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