HARMONY — A car was pulled from the water shortly after 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday night, July 27. Police had not yet identified who owned the car, and no driver was located at the scene.

According to Maryland State Police, a call came from a passerby around 5:30 p.m. for reports of bubbles coming from the surface of the millpond on Nagel Road next to the grain elevators. There was little to indicate a vehicle had left the road and the car, a late model, dark red, four-door was completely submerged beneath the pond’s surface.

Dive units from Preston, Blades and Seaford volunteer fire departments responded to the scene along with EMS and other fire apparatus and Knotts Towing, which extricated the vehicle from the water.

Jan Nagel of Nagel Farm Service was standing by as the recovery took place. She said she received the call from a family member who had seen the accident notice on Facebook. It did not appear that the Nagel property had received any damage. This is the second time in 50 years that Nagel said she can ever recall a vehicle going into their pond. The first time was high school kids, and she recalled they were uninjured.

A neighbor from further down the road, Maggie Rodgers, was on her way home when she yielded to the responding emergency vehicles.

She and many others from the community remained at the scene while the recovery continued.

Maryland State Police said Tuesday evening they were not giving any information out regarding the incident. The investigation is ongoing.

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