Medical bills leave no money for children's presents

Laura and her husband David are separated, and she is supporting their four children on her own. She recently missed six weeks of work due to COVID-19, and now David has tested positive.

Bills are piling up, and Laura isn’t sure how she will manage to provide Christmas for the children.

Your donation to The Star Democrat’s Brighter Christmas Fund could help Laura and her children during the holiday season.

The Brighter Christmas Fund is a 501(c)(3) charity, and tax-deductible donations, which also help other families in need on the Mid-Shore, may be sent to The Brighter Christmas Fund, c/o The Star Democrat, P.O. Box 600, Easton, MD 21601. Donations also may be made online via credit card or Paypal at Click the “Donate” button. For more information about the Fund, call 410-200-1884.

The total to date is: $16,710

Those sharing the spirit of giving with others this holiday include:

John and Nancy Hand

Joe and Betty Hartmeyer

John and Marilyn Morris

In memory of Mike Kirby

In appreciation of all essential workers during COVID

In memory of Pauline Cole

Jon and Gloria Files

Jeff and Joanne Beemiller

Donald and Anna Cook

Lon and Lindsley Smith

Charles and Sara Fitzroy

Raymond and Kathryn Busen

Peter and Judith Ames

In memory of our son, Warren Burke Shepard

Carroll Waskins

Stan and Kathy Howeth

Colette Devine

In memory of my mom, Deanie Healy

Carol Patterson

In memory of my husband, Bruce Meredith



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