Brighter Christmas Fund

Arianna is a single mom who lives in Centreville with her three children: Kaylee, 12; Chase, 10; and Zara, 7.

For the past year, Arianna has not had a stable job and her income fluctuates from week to week. One week she might make $100, and $50 another week. It all depends on the work she is given.

Unfortunately, she does not receive help from the children’s father, leaving her and her kids finding ways to make her paycheck last until the next one. Arianna is able to get by with the help of her family, especially her father.

Her father does not ask for anything in return, taking a weight off of Arianna’s shoulders. However, recently he became ill and has been in the hospital for a couple of weeks.

She is having a difficult time dealing with the dual stress of not making enough money to pay the bills, as well as worrying about her father’s poor health.

Sometimes she’s even afraid to look at her children because she fears they might find out they may not have a Christmas this year. Every little bit will help Arianna and her family to enjoy a memorable holiday season.

Your donation to The Star Democrat’s Brighter Christmas Fund could help Arianna during the holiday season. Tax-deductible donations, which also help other families in need on the Mid-Shore, may be sent to: The Brighter Christmas Fund, c/o The Star Democrat, P.O. Box 600, Easton, MD 21601. Donations also may be made online at Click the “Donate” button. For more information, call 410-200-1884 or email

The total to date is: $34,250.21

Those sharing the spirit of giving with others this holiday include:

Susan and Mark Hill

Bay Country Security Inc. and employees

Anonymous — Hillsboro

John and Rita Horney

Robert and Catherine Geisler

Barbara and Lou Runz

John W. Andres

Bob and Eenie

Dana McGrath

Zachary and Florence Wilcoxon

Matthew and Denise Bach

Joanne & Jeff Beemiller

In memory of LuLu & PopPop

R A Bollman

John and Christine Murray

Barbara F. Oxnam

Bill and Marclyn S. Hendon

James Towers II

Carl and Susie Ewing

Carol T. Patterson

Robert and Carol Voyles

Charles and Karen Harrison

Dennis and Joan Carroll


Tom and Cathy Hill

Arthur and Elinor Cecil III

Lorna Shinn

Anne W. Worthington

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