CAMBRIDGE — Advance Auto Parts has found a new home and embarked on a community safety project with the Cambridge Police Department.

The business has moved to a gleaming new office building at 2735 Dorchester Square. To get ready for the ribbon cutting, company leaders had a team that moved and catalogued every last spark plug from their old space to their new one.

The partnership with the police department involves “a unique program designed to increase vehicle safety for local motorists,” the business said in a statement issued Wednesday, Nov. 17, during the ribbon cutting ceremony at its new location.

As part of the program, Advance’s store team presented the Cambridge Police Department with a gift card donation totaling $2,500. When a motorist is pulled over for an equipment violation such as a broken headlight or taillight, in lieu of a ticket, officers may provide them with a $25 Advance Auto Parts gift card.

“Motorists can then use this to safely repair the equipment without receiving a citation,” they said.

The police department welcomed this unique solution.

“The Cambridge Police Department is excited to be partnering with Advance Auto Parts to launch this program,” said Captain Justin Todd, Cambridge Police public information officer and operations captain. “Vehicle safety is an imperative issue that requires all parts and equipment to function properly. Thanks to this partnership, our officers can supply motorists stopped with equipment violations an Advance gift card to repair the faulty equipment without having to incur the cost of a citation, creating positive experiences and safer roadways in the process.”

Todd added, “Not every interaction has to be negative.”

It is a win win for Advance Auto Parts as well. They get to be part of the solution and invite new customers into their store.

“We are thrilled to announce this partnership between our field team and the Cambridge Police Department,” said Mike Molnar, Advance’s vice president of operations. “This is a unique and important program that helps ensure all equipment on a vehicle is working properly, ultimately leading to safer roadways for the motorists of Cambridge. We are extremely grateful for everything Cambridge Police does and cannot wait to see the impact this program will have on the Cambridge community.”

A group of over 25 civic officials came together to help celebrate this indicator of economic development. Fairchild Properties LLC is responsible for developing this new office space. The principle of this group, Charlie Fairchild, could be seen attaching red balloons to fence posts along Route 50 East.

Bill Cooper, president of the Caroline County Chamber of Commerce, said “The Fairchilds custom made this space for Advance Auto Parts. It is a freestanding space rather than in a strip mall. They renovated and are bringing this space back to life. If you want auto parts now you can see this right off of Route 50 in a free-standing building.”

All-in-all, it was an exciting day for Advance Auto Parts and the business community of Cambridge.

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