CAMBRIDGE — Cambridge Main Street/Downtown Cambridge recently announced that it is extending the current Farmer’s Market Season through the Thursday before Thanksgiving. The last day of the Cambridge Farmer’s Market will now be Thursday, Nov. 19.

This decision was made based on current and new vendor interest, and customer survey completed by the market manager Gary Glanz. The market currently operates from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursdays at Long Wharf in Cambridge. The annual seasonal market is organized by Cambridge Main Street/Downtown Cambridge, and the season opened this year on May 14.

In 2020 the market has seen an increase in interest from both new vendors and community customers. The market attracted 33 different vendors over the course of the market season, and typically there are 15 to 20 vendors at any given week of the market. Glanz said more than 300 customers shop for products there.

Vendor makeup at the market has included local and organic produce, fish, oysters, crabs, scallops, meat, eggs, fruit, mushrooms, candles, yarn, rum, pies, cakes, nut brittle, juice, olives, lemonade, popcorn, art, jewelry, candles, free books and sundries. A complete list of participating vendors can be found at or by following the market’s social media page. A weekly email is also sent out to Downtown Cambridge subscribers.

Glanz, the Cambridge Farmer’s Market manager, said, “Normally we close down by the end of September but vendors and customers have enthusiastically asked that we continue through October and into mid-November.” Glanz conducted a poll by email and 88% of the patrons agreed that they’d like to see the market continue into November.

Early on in the pandemic the market was limited to 20 masked customers and a socially distanced line formed by the patrons waiting to get in. In July, the market has moved from the parking lot at Long Wharf to the park immediately south of the lot. Restrictions have been eased and while the market organizers still require masks there are no capacity restrictions. The move has improved the customer experience and now the market has also added occasional music, community groups and activities for families.

“Our Board of Directors are excited that we were able to make the market happen this year in spite of a challenging situation,” said Kathleen Clendaniel, executive director for Cambridge Main Street/Downtown Cambridge. “We wanted to make sure we were giving customers and vendors direct access to one another as other supply chain sources were struggling to keep up.”

Cambridge Main Street/Downtown Cambridge is a nonprofit organization working to advance the revitalization of Cambridge’s downtown, using economic and community development to bring investment, businesses, customers, and fun to the core of our community while staying true to the city’s rich history.

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