Chestertown Rite Aid to close June 19

The Rite Aid pharmacy will close on June 19. The store will remain open for an additional two weeks to allow for the final sale of all items.

CHESTERTOWN — The Rite Aid pharmacy and store in Chestertown is closing its doors.

The pharmacy’s last day will be June 19, and the store itself will be open for another two weeks to allow for the final sale of items, according to Alex Brown of Walgreens media relations.

The pharmacy, at 711 Washington Ave., will transfer all current prescriptions and patients to the Walgreens pharmacy at 701 Washington Ave. Rite Aid is owned by Walgreens Boots Alliance, and Rite Aid stores now operate Walgreens pharmacies.

Employees are transferring to the Chestertown Walgreens, another Rite Aid location or looking for work elsewhere. Brown said Rite Aid is doing its best to find comparable positions at other Rite Aid stores for the displaced workers.

“We are committed to taking care of our employees, and we are making every effort” to accommodate their needs, she said.

This closure is not an isolated incident; since Rite Aid was acquired by Walgreens, the company has begun reducing the number of Rite Aid stores, especially in the Northeast and Southern regions of the United States.

“We are narrowing down stores to a focused network of stores that provide the best possible service for our customers,” Brown said.

About 1,932 Rite Aid locations are either closing or will be converted to Walgreens pharmacies.

The next closest Rite Aid location is on Kent Island, at 1720 Main St. in Chester.

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