PRESTON — Choptank Transport, a national third-party logistics firm headquartered in Preson, has announced the launch of a new career development plan, making advancement and increased earnings a clear and attainable track.

Christina Chaffinch is Choptank’s people development manager and has worked on creating this plan from the ground up.

“The new development plan provides employees with the opportunity to earn promotions in customer or carrier sales,” Chaffinch said. “The new criteria requires candidates to complete a certain number of classroom hours paired with a variety of online micro-lessons (mostly under five minutes each).

“Sales goals still have to be met, but this added step benefits the employees by fine-tuning their skills, and the company, by showing us the shining stars right away.”

The plans are designed to hone employees’ expertise based on each department’s position and its requirements for advancement.

The new regimen reinforces every day essential skills of similar topics, such as decision-making, change-management and problem-solving,” Chaffinch said, “all of which are critical sales proficiencies that employees can refine.

“These skills help our people not only in their professional lives but their personal live,s as well. The beauty of the program is that if a manager feels like someone needs more work in a particular area, we offer additional assistance to meet those skill gaps.”

The classes also serve as refreshers for those employees in higher-level positions, to keep processes and skill-sets sharpened. For example, an account executive may not need to attend the classroom sessions but can spend some time on the e-learning portion of the program at their convenience.

“The goal is to have a dedicated, comprehensive learning and development plan for every position in the company,” Chaffinch said. “It is important for our employees to know that we are always investing in them and their success.”

Lloyd Thomas, the director of sales at Choptank Transport, is enthusiastic about the new plan.

“I have more than thirty years of sales experience,” Thomas said, “and I took the courses and learned something. The development plan will benefit even those who think they are experts in the sales process.”

“Our employees are so busy working for us, we see this development plan as us working for them,” Chaffinch said. “When we invest in our people, it pays us back in dividends. Happy employees make happy customers. Happy customers make a successful business.”

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