Stop Human Trafficking

PRESTON — Choptank Transport, a nationwide freight and logistics provider headquartered in Preston, has joined the Department of Transportation’s initiative, Transportation Leaders Fight Against Human Trafficking Pledge.

The Department of Transportation reports approximately 24.9 million women, men and children are forcibly detained and made to serve as laborers or prostitutes around the world through human trafficking. TLFAHT calls upon organizations in the transportation and travel industries to take a stand and use their collective power to battle the issue.

As a third-party logistics leader, Choptank CEO Geoff Turner said his company has a moral and ethical obligation to be outspoken about the issue.

“We provide such an important service to the American people … delivering goods that keep the nation running,” Turner said. “We want to continue to be a part of the solution. The fact that these atrocities are still happening in 2020 is unacceptable. Anything we can do to help in the fight is the right thing to do.”

Through awareness and education, TLFAHT and members of the industry can help put a stop to this illegal activity. The pledge reads, “We pledge with one voice as national leaders to join with partners across the transportation industry to work together and end human trafficking by:

• Educating our employees and organizational members on how to recognize and report signs of human trafficking.

• Raising awareness among the traveling public on human trafficking issues by utilizing common messaging in targeted outreach campaigns

• Measuring our collective impact on human trafficking by tracking and sharing key data points.

• By uniting efforts across the transportation sector, we will see greater progress in reaching our ultimate goal of eliminating human trafficking.”

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