NEWARK, Del. — In the face of the unprecedented public health and safety challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Delmarva Power has gone virtual with its Quick Home Energy Check-up program to help customers save energy and money. The new, no-cost Virtual Home Energy Check-up is available for all Delmarva Power Maryland customers, and builds on Delmarva Power’s Quick Home Energy Check-up program, which offers traditional, in-home consultations with an Energy Analyst. Due to the pandemic, Delmarva Power suspended the inhome version of this program until further notice.

The new virtual option of this program allows customers to work with an Energy Analyst via phone or video chat instead. Afterward, customers get a no-cost kit in the mail that includes energy-saving products that are easy to install, like ENERGY STAR® certified LED bulbs, faucet aerators, and a smart power strip.

“Many people have been spending more time at home than they typically do during this time of the year—and some may not be able to return to their offices through the end of the year,” said Derrick Dickens, senior vice president and Chief Customer Officer for Pepco Holdings, which includes Delmarva Power. “We want to meet our customers where they are in these times of uncertainty and offer them a no-cost way to reduce their home’s energy use and costs.”

Interested customers should schedule an appointment online by visiting Once scheduled, an Energy Analyst will send a short checklist of things to look for around the home in advance to ensure the virtual check-up is as productive as possible at the time it occurs. The checklist helps customers prepare for their appointments by asking basic questions, such as what type of thermostats and lightbulbs are present in the home.

During the virtual appointment, customers will:

  • Answer questions about their home and describe any comfort issues they may have, such as rooms that are too hot or cold.
  • Look at specific items that impact energy use, like the thermostat, lighting, water heater and more.
  • Make easy changes with the Energy Analyst’s help.

Delmarva Power is proud to offer the Virtual Home Energy Check-up as an innovative way to help customers save money. To learn more about this and other programs that can help save money and energy, visit

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