Thanks to the Discover Bank grant, employees like Mohammad Tossef get to work their dream job while their Easterseals supported employment specialist provides on the job training and support, when needed, on the job.

NEW CASTLE, Delaware — Easterseals Delaware and Maryland’s Eastern Shore recently received a $25,000 grant from Discover Bank to support its Supported Employment program — a program which opens the door to meaningful work and competitive wages in the community for adults with intellectual disabilities, while providing employers with dedicated, productive employees.

The grant from Discover Bank directly impacts the lives of the people Easterseals serves through the supported employment program, like Mohammad Tossef of Dover, who picked up an extra day of work during the pandemic. He enjoys his job and is known for being a hard worker. Tossef is very active and enjoys riding his bike when he is not at work. He also has a sweet tooth and enjoys treating himself to a candy bar on occasion.

“We are thrilled to partner with Discover Bank to provide the Supported Employment program that makes such a huge impact in the lives of people with disabilities in our community,” Easterseals President/CEO, Kenan Sklenar said. “We are grateful to have community partners, like Discover Bank, who believe in our mission and services. We could not provide the incredible services that make the greatest impact in people’s lives without their support.”

Business that are interested in learning more about Easterseals Supported Employment Services should contact Jane Schuler at 302-221-2030 or email ESworks@esdel.org.

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