Easton Utilities announces career milestones

Fifteen employees at Easton Utilities recently celebrated service anniversaries. They are, from top left, Ricky Baker, 10 years; Michael Bennett, 10 years; Michael Brummell, 10 years; Jerry Deasel, 10 years; John Wooters, 10 years; Brian Taylor, 20 years; Tracie Thomas, 20 years; Micki Thompson, 20 years; CR Chance, 30 years; Jeanie Cohee, 30 years; William Leatherberry, 30 years; Billy Miles, 30 years; Lloyd Shaffer, 30 years; Bryan Wilkins, 30 years; and Ron McCarty, 40 years.

EASTON — Easton Utilities recently celebrated significant service anniversaries achieved by fifteen employees. The company employs more than 150 full-time employees, of whom more than half have at least ten years of service.

“We applaud our people for their commitment to our organization and our customers,” said Vicki L. Petro, director of human resources for Easton Utilities.

40 years

  • Ron McCarty, Superintendent Power Plant Mechanical Maintenance

30 years

  • CR Chance, Supervisor of Service and Installation
  • Jeanie Cohee, Payment Processing Specialist
  • William Leatherberry, Assistant Operator
  • Billy Miles, System Technician
  • Lloyd Shaffer, CAD/ESRI Specialist I
  • Bryan Wilkins, Journeyman Lineman

20 years

  • Brian Taylor, Inspector/Locator
  • Tracie Thomas, Director of Accounting, Customer Service and Procurement
  • Micki Thompson, Customer Service Coordinator

10 years

  • Ricky Baker, Meter Tech I
  • Michael Bennett, Industrial Electrician II
  • Michael Brummell, Purchasing & Inventory Clerk
  • Jerry Deasel, System Administrator
  • John Wooters, Installer Technician

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