Hunting Creek Mini Storage opens new climate-controlled building

Al Turner stands in the former Albert W. Sisk warehouse that has been converted into climate-controlled storage units at Hunting Creek Mini Storage in Preston.

PRESTON — Albert W. Sisk & Son and Hunting Creek Mini Storage owner Albert Turner and his sons Greg, Brian and Geoff, have announced the opening of a newly converted storage facility in Preston.

As part of existing Hunting Creek Mini Storage facility, the large, indoor warehouse has been transformed into 92 secure, climate-controlled storage units in a variety of available sizes.

With ready-to-rent units, Albert Turner is excited to bring this storage capacity to local individuals who need extra holding space in between selling and buying a new home or to house estate furniture and other belongings. The facility also is ideal for companies or individuals that need to store temperature-sensitive items such as medical supplies, special collections (comic books, wines, coins), musical instruments or artwork.

“There is an interesting history behind this building,” Turner said. “The converted storage space was once part of several Albert W. Sisk warehouses. These buildings were used in the height of the tomato canning era when there were more than 100 processing plants on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia (today there is only one remaining, in Wye Mills). Of those 100 original facilities, 50 canneries brought their goods to Preston for labeling, shipping and storage. Before the conversion, the warehouses were used to stock other Tidewater commodities, such as canned clams and clam juice.”

“The existing Hunting Creek Storage area is close to rental capacity,” Turner said. “It only made sense to convert the dormant warehouse into additional storage space.”

The renovation of the building included a new drop ceiling. The temperature and humidity are monitored and adjusted regularly to maintain an environment conducive to protecting sensitive items. There also is an extensive sprinkler system throughout the building. The facility’s state-of-the-art, continuously monitored security system features individual keypad access providing 24-hour access for tenants.

Hunting Creek Mini Storage is off state Route 331 (Dover Road) at 150 Mill St. in Preston. It offers spaces from 5-by-5 feet to 10-by-30 feet and has outside units starting at $40 a month. You can rent and pay directly online. For a tour of the facility, call 410-673-7113, visit the website at https://www.huntingcreekselfstor, or visit the Facebook page at Hunting Creek Self Storage.

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