EASTON — Who doesn’t love freshly made pasta? It is the ultimate comfort food. The Spaghetti Factory has opened on 28614 Marlboro Avenue at the Waterside Village shopping center across from Chick-fil-a.

Owner and chef Gennaro DiBenedetto is really from Italy. Naples to be exact. That is just above the boot on the west coast. It is the third largest city in Italy.

“This is a family owned restaurant and we have a sister restaurant located in Kent Island in Chester called Carmine’s,” he said. He will continue to run both restaurants. He likes the numbers when he has a little buying power.

The location where The Spaghetti Factory is located has seen two pizza joints come and go.

“This concept there was already a pizza shop here twice and it failed for some reason. So I want to try something different. I come up with this concept of Spaghetti Factory with making the pasta in house. We try to make everything in house. Sauces or pastas are all in house,” he said.

For $8 you can BYOP — build your own pasta. Start with a pasta like fettuccine or penne. Then choose a sauce. Tomato, creamy vodka or spicy fradiavolo. Pick three toppings. Artichoke, peas, eggplant, black olives or red roasted peppers. Finally pick a protein or your cheese of choice. Crab, meatballs, scallops or sausage. There are lots of other options. And for cheese there is fresh mozzarella, gorgonzola or feta.

In classic Italian fashion DiBenedetto has geared his restaurant towards the family.

“I want to care for the family and casual and affordable. We have ten bottles of wine for under $15. We six reds and five whites,” he said.

It is hard to find a bottle of wine at the supermarket for less than $15. It is hard to find a lunch in town for less than $10. And what kid doesn’t love pasta?

“We do a lunch express for $7.77. You can get a whole pizza with cheese or pepperoni for $7.77. You could get half a pizza, like a personal pizza and a salad for $7.77. Same with half a lasagna and and salad,” DiBenedetto said.

He is bullish on starting his new restaurant during COVID. Right now he can seat 60 people. And when COVID goes away, 120. And he creating jobs. The hostess said she has three kids and drives all the way from Annapolis for the job. She is grateful for the work.

“I would say I have hired eight people full time and 12 part time. I know at this time it’s with the COVID and what not, but we still got to move forward and trying our best,” DiBenedetto said.

He said rigatoni with crab is one of his favorites on the menu. “It is with a rose sauce and sun dried tomatoes,” he said. “You could say I am the main chef. Lot of my recipes and a lot of my creation.”

Two enthusiastic patrons wanted to share their experience. They are sisters from around Cambridge.

“We started with the brussel sprouts — caramelized. And then we decided to do the bruschetta. Fabulous! Oh my. And then we had the penne. Wonderful,” said Cindy Godwin of Cambridge.

“We would definitely come back. We plan on returning. It was delicious,” said Gail Jackson from a farm around Church Creek.

“I knew the other Italian place was here. We just happened on this. And the name has changed and it’s the grand opening. So we said, ‘Let’s just try it,’ said Godwin.

“Everything was fresh. The whole facility is immaculate. Even the ladies room. That’s important with COVID,” said Jackson.

With all this pasta talk we didn’t even get to pizza. From jumbo supreme to chicken bacon ranch to Hawaiian they make pizza too. They have an extensive array catering offerings. Like whole trays of lasagna or seafood cannelloni.

For the restaurant’s opening, 10% of all sales go to The Talbot Interfaith Shelter and Talbot Hospice through the February 21st.

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Is it diabetic friendly consciously you can't a diabetic can have spaghetti or pizza

Insist spaghetti restaurant diabetic friendly thank you

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