EASTON — Brothers George and Johnny Dent started Tuckahoe Hardwoods in 2004, installing hardwood floors and working out of an old farmhouse in Wye Mills. Sixteen years later, they’ve branched out into other wood products and recently landed a contract with Little Debbie to make the snack company’s 60th anniversary cutting boards.

The brothers are taking their popular “Live Edge Cutting Boards” and laser engraving them with Little Debbie’s logo and 60th anniversary commemoration. The cutting boards are made from East Indian walnut, also known as saman, rain tree or monkey pod. The tree is native to South and Central American, but can now be found in tropical regions around the world.

Tuckahoe Hardwoods uses sustainably sourced wood from Indonesia, where most of the work on the rough lumber is done in their Indonesian location.

“Indonesia does not allow the export of logs or lumber, that’s why we have a shop there,” George Dent said. “We do the final sanding, adding in the grooves and laser engraving here.”

Tuckahoe Hardwoods offers a line of cutting and serving boards that can be personalized, as well as natural wood bowls made from teak. They offer items made from mahogany, and they still carry hardwood flooring from premium national brands. The brothers work with their shop in Indonesia to develop their own furniture designs as well as working with designers for custom pieces.

Their showroom is located at 8685 Commerce Drive in Easton and many of their live edge bowls, cutting boards and serving boards are available online at tuckahoehardwoods.com.

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