iFrog Marketing Solutions

Kyle McCracken is the new chief executive officer at iFrog Marketing Solutions.

EASTON — iFrog Marketing Solutions announced Kyle McCracken has become its new chief executive officer. McCracken, who was appointed by co-founder Dave Wilson, has assumed day-to-day leadership of the Easton-based company.

Since 2019, McCracken has been serving iFrog Marketing Solutions as their chief product officer where he focused on building and delivering purpose-driven technology solutions along with streamlining internal processes through automation and integration.

Prior to joining iFrog, McCracken held numerous positions but more recently spent years building, leading and managing a very successful technology software and professional services company widely recognized in the B2B integration and analytics spaces serving startup to Fortune 10 clients. He was a key player in the company’s sales, product offerings, delivery strategy, technical solutions, account management, staffing and training, which attributed toward growth and renowned brand recognition.

McCracken said he is excited and humbled to lead the dedicated and innovative team at iFrog. His goal is to ensure iFrog provides innovative, cutting edge solutions while remaining committed to service.

“I am excited to have Kyle assume the role of CEO. He is a proven leader, forward thinker and has led iFrog’s technology growth since joining in 2019. With Kyle at the helm, I am confident he will lead the way in delivering cutting edge technology while growing our great team and great clients. Kyle was truly born in a dealership and understands what our clients face daily. He’s committed to keeping our clients a leap ahead of the competition by not only providing best in class marketing solutions but also listening and giving our partners a best in class experience,” said Dave Wilson.

iFrog Marketing Solutions is a marketing solutions company located at 101 Bay St., Easton. It serves clients nationwide with innovative marketing technology, growth strategies, and identifies new business opportunities for clients. iFrog uses advanced artificial intelligence and sophisticated machine learning technology to create engagement, business insights, and creative storytelling, all while serving clients in real- time.

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