Preston Ford ranked 33rd in nation

Preston Ford finished 2019 as the 33rd ranked Ford dealer in the nation.

PRESTON — Preston Ford finished 2019 as the 33rd ranked Ford dealer in the nation.

Preston Ford set out on “Mission: Possible 7” on Nov. 1 with two goals in mind: Finish as one of the top 40 dealers in the country and attain the “Beast of the East” status by being No. 1 in the Northeast.

During the sales drive, the team focused on unbeatable savings and exceptional customer service to its loyal customer base to place Preston (which has a population of 709) on the map. Those goals were achieved at midnight Jan. 2, when the final rankings were released.

Preston Ford’s finish at No. 33 was 11 spots higher than its 2018 performance of 44th in the nation.

This marks a historic moment, as 2019 was the dealership’s best-ever year.

The sales team also worked hard to achieve the fourth spot in the nation for December. It could not have surpassed these goals without the support of the Commercial Division, which finished as a top 10 commercial vehicle dealer in the nation.

David Wilson Jr., vice president and chief operating officer of Preston Ford, said the challenge of being a top selling dealership was raised this year.

“Finishing 33rd in the nation for all Ford stores in the country makes me ‘Ford Proud,’ and we couldn’t have accomplished our mission without our hard-working associates and great customers here on Delmarva,” he said.

Preston Ford sold 2,587 retail and commercial vehicles in 2019. The sales encompassed residents in 625 zip codes and 28 states. This marks the third straight year Preston Ford sold more than 2,500 vehicles.

The dealership began its first mission in 2009 and finished 109th in the nation. In 2010, it made its top 100 debut by finishing 90th in the nation.

Preston Ford began incorporating “Mission: Possible” in 2013 for its year-end sales events. That year, the goal was simple: Finish in the top 100 for the nation and be the No. 1 dealer in the Washington, D.C., region in December.

Throughout the years, the team has continued to hit its goals and climb the rankings — 79th in 2015, 63rd in 2016, 54th in 2017, 44th in 2018 and now 33rd in 2019.

Regional Manager of Ford Motor Company Lisa Vigneault said everyone at Ford is amazed by the sales at Preston Ford, considering Preston itself is a small town.

“We are proud of all their efforts and sales accomplishments,” she said.” This could not happen without a lot of hard work, dedication and, of course, commitment to their customers year after year.”

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