CAMBRIDGE — A restaurant with locations in Easton and Cambridge is donating meals to people in need due to the difficulties caused by precautions over the new coronavirus, COVID-19.

Bombay Tadka, an Indian restaurant on Idlewild Avenue in Easton and Race Street in Cambridge, is setting aside one “Good Karma Special” for every two carryout entrees purchased. The specials are available free of charge to people in need.

Customers can make additional Good Karma Specials available to those in need by adding $10 to their order.

Bombay Tadka owner Rohit Shinde said he saw the increasing concerns surrounding the COVID-19 virus and the economic impact imposed by the closing of schools, restaurants, bars, gyms, theaters and other businesses, and decided to help.

Shinde, who immigrated to the United States from Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India, four years ago, opened his restaurant successfully in a market not widely familiar with Indian cuisine.

In late 2019, Scott and Tammy Saunders, regular patrons who became good friends, helped Shinde open his Easton location, where he found a warm reception. He now has friends who help him run the two restaurants.

Like other restaurants, they are unable to provide sit-down service to customers during the state of emergency, so they are offering curbside, carryout and delivery service.

“I come from a small family, and I know that times are difficult. I want to help make things better for people again by helping to ease their suffering,” Shinde said. “Good karma is about intention. If your intention is good, and your actions are good, then good will be returned to you in this life or the next.”

As for the distribution of the specials, Shinde said, “If you know anyone who is need, please direct them to us. They may call as a regular carryout customer, and all they need to do is give their name and ask for today’s Good Karma Special, and then pick it up like any other carryout order at our restaurants.”

“My wife and I are thrilled to support Rohit, and hope more of our friends and neighbors will join us by donating Good Karma Specials to help Rohit feed people who may otherwise go without a meal during this time,” Scott Saunders said.

“You don’t have to believe in karma to make a donation, or to get a much-needed meal for you or your family,” Shinde said, “but you may find the principle is alive and well, right here in our community.”

Visit or call Bombay Tadka at 1721 Race St. in Cambridge (443-515-0853) or 508 Idlewild Ave. in Easton (443-746-2135).

For more information, go to or email info@bombay

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