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DENTON — The Caroline County Commissioners and Economic Development announced $2.2 million in federal grant funding available for small businesses and nonprofits with disrupted operations due to COVID-19 on Monday, June 1. These grants are intended to provide interim relief complementing actions with bank, business interruption insurance and financial partners. Grants awarded can be up to $20,000 and used to support payroll expenses, rent, mortgage payments, utility expense, or other expenses that occur in the ordinary course of operations.

In the first round of grant applications, 78 applications were received, and just over $650,000 in grant funds were awarded. The COVID-19 grant team worked tirelessly to process the applications as quickly as possible and get funds to the businesses that need support to protect them from further economic injury, the commissioners said.

President Larry Porter, spoke on behalf of the Commissioners, “We are very pleased with the results from the first round of the grants. We know there are many more businesses who can benefit from this program. We hope the second round will help us reach them.”

Debbie Bowden, director of Economic Development, said she understands the benefit from the first round of grant money being in the hands of business.

“One of the grant recipients said that she had not experienced such an economic turmoil in her 38 years of being in business,” Bowden said, “and to know that the business will continue because of the grant is the confirmation of why the county has this program.”

Second round applications are available at and will be accepted through 4:30 p.m. July 13.

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