Shore Leadership to host 'Leader Development through Improv'

Dan Brown, seated, center, of Reflex Improv will lead “Leader Development through Improv” on Nov. 21. This Shore Leadership event is open to alumni and anyone interested in how to be a more effective leader. Pictured with Brown are members of his Easton improve class: seated, Shore Leadership alumni Linda Mastro and Nancy Andrew; standing, from left, Dan Van Skiver, Steve Clyburn and Jeremy Hillyard.

EASTON — Shore Leadership on Thursday, Nov. 21, will host an evening of networking and “fun-raising” for alumni and anyone interested in how to be a more effective leader.

The program “Leader Development through Improv” will be held at Channel Marker, 8865 Glebe Drive in Easton. The evening will start with happy hour at 6:30 p.m., followed by the program at 7 p.m..

Admission is free. Donations to the Shore Leadership scholarship fund are welcome. Light refreshments and snacks will be provided. Bring your own beer and wine.

“Leader Development through Improv” will feature Dan Brown of Reflex Improv.

Brown caught the improv bug while in college, performing in the school’s short-form and sketch program, acting in school and community plays, as well as writing, directing and starring in many comedy short films. After moving to the Washington, D.C., area, he took a free workshop at Washington Improv Theater and fell in love with the joy and freedom of long-form improv. His approach to teaching is positive, encouraging, joyful, fast-paced and, most of all, fun.

Brown teaches improv classes in Virginia and Maryland. He most recently added a class that meets in Easton. No acting experience is required.

Improv student Nancy Andrew, a Shore Leadership alumna and former chairman of the board, said: “I’d been curious about trying improv for years. In 2018, I signed up for two of Dan’s Annapolis classes. He’s a great teacher. Improv, for me, is pure fun with some good life lessons that teach me to be more present, to listen. and to receive what’s given to me.”

“I was thrilled when Dan agreed to lead a class on the Shore,” Andrew said. “When we launched the first Easton class, it was great to find some fellow Shore Leadership alumni in the group, laughing and learning with me.”

Many corporations have hired Brown to bring the improve experience into the work place.

“The easiest way to get people to work together is to get them to play together first,” said Brown, whose team of instructors introduces improv to corporate work teams. “Using the concept of ‘Yes-And’ encourages co-workers to listen and look for agreement. Two other improv fundamentals — ‘I’ve got your back’ and making each other look good — also encourage teamwork in any situation.”

During this two-hour workshop, Brown will introduce participants to the building blocks for creating improvisation scenes, including warm-ups to break down barriers and build camaraderie, and exercises to inspire top-of-the-head thinking and creativity. Expect lots of laughter and lessons that can be easily applied to everyday situations at work and in other areas of life.

Shore Leadership alumni will have an opportunity to reconnect and discuss ideas for extending the learning they began as colleagues. Members of the Shore Leadership board will be on hand to provide information and answer questions for anyone interested in the program.

The Shore Leadership Program offers executives, managers and leaders on Maryland’s Eastern Shore the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the issues and challenges facing our region. Led by a certified master coach, participants are guided through skill-building activities and conversation to foster collaboration and problem solving. Programs are uniquely placed in one of the nine Shore counties to explore a particular theme and connect that theme to the leadership challenges.

Register for “Leader Development through Improv” by emailing Include your name, phone number and email address.

Learn more about Brown and Reflex Improv at

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