EASTON — ShoreRivers is excited to announce the addition of William Ryall, a licensed professional environmental engineer, to its staff. This position will enable ShoreRivers to prepare in-house engineered designs for projects, thereby streamlining the restoration process and getting more projects in the ground to reduce nutrient and sediment pollution to our rivers and the Chesapeake Bay.

Ryall comes with over ten years’ experience in environmental engineering and specializes in designing stormwater retrofits, wetland and stream restoration, and shoreline erosion control. He will also design conservation drainage practices on farmland, such as denitrifying bioreactors, saturated buffers, drainage management, and structures for water control.

ShoreRivers is pleased to add this specific expertise to their suite of professional staff.

“Environmental engineering services have become a choke point for installing practices on the Eastern Shore,” said Executive Director Jeff Horstman. “Due to a combination of factors, the professional technical services required to meet Bay cleanup goals simply do not exist on the Eastern Shore. ShoreRivers is excited to pilot this innovative public/private partnership to bring this needed service to the region so we can put more projects on our land to filter water.”

The Maryland Watershed Implementation Plan requires a significant increase in pollution-reducing project installations by 2025 to meet federally-mandated Chesapeake Bay restoration goals. The Eastern Shore of Maryland is a priority area: 32% of the State’s nitrogen reductions will come from the agricultural sector on the Eastern Shore basin. Therefore, it is imperative that experienced technical staff are available to design agricultural projects.

The creation of this position was possible through support from The Keith Campbell Foundation and in partnership with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Maryland Department of Agriculture, and local Soil Conservation Districts.

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