Al Silverstein


EASTON — Al Silverstein, who will retire from the Talbot County Chamber of Commerce on Dec. 31, has joined the Easton-based Gladstone Group as a strategic partner.

The Gladstone Group is a consulting firm whose team members provide counsel and services exclusively to not–for–profit organizations on strategic planning, strategic thinking “Good to Great” Initiatives, and strategic advice on addressing challenges and opportunities in governance, leadership and management matters.

“This is a unique and wonderful opportunity to use my 38 years as a chamber executive/not-for-profit executive to help not-for-profit organizations not only survive, but thrive in a VUCA world; a world with extreme volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity,” Silverstein said, citing his experience as the president and CEO of the Talbot Chamber of Commerce and as executive director of the Chesapeake Leadership Foundation.

Silverstein has served on the Talbot County Economic Development Commission, the Talbot County Office of Tourism, Eastern Shore Heritage, as a board member and executive committee member at the Maryland Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives, and as a board member at the Maryland Chamber of Commerce. He has been honored by his peers as a Chamber Executive of the Year. Silverstein also currently serves as a member of the Easton Town Council.

Silverstein is a graduate of Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute of Organizational Management, the University of Oklahoma’s Economic Development Institute and the Shore Leadership Program.

David Reel, Gladstone’s managing partner, lauded Silverstein’s skills in executive leadership, strategic planning, quality improvement, communications, mentoring and financial management that he used in managing, leading and transforming four chambers in four states, in addition to serving as a volunteer leader at numerous other not for profit organizations in those states. He also noted Silverstein’s keen understanding of the proper and best roles of professional staff and volunteer leaders based on his serving as in both capacities throughout his career.

Reel noted that Silverstein embraces Gladstone’s guiding principle from Peter F. Drucker’s observation that “not–for–profit organizations need management even more than business. Good intentions are no substitute for organization and leadership, for accountability, performance and results.”

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