Commercial oldest web-offset printing facility located in beautiful Easton, MD. We have the highest page and color capacity in the area; our 50,000-square-foot facility is one of the most long standing and experienced printing plants on the Eastern Shore. Our high-speed facility can produce newspapers and magazines on newsprint or special needs paper with full color on every page. APG Chesapeake Publishing & Printing currently owns and produces The Star Democrat and Cecil Whig daily newspapers as well as multiple weekly publications. We also are commercial printers and have resources required to deliver your publication on time and within your budget. We can take your publication from digital PDF files to delivery, and we can supply just the service you need, when you need it. Our full range of services include: Newspaper and booklet color printing, in-line gluing/trimming, stitching/trimming and complete mail processing services and delivery. We are confident we can provide high quality products to all our customers in the region timely once its entered into our streamlined production system. Washington DC, Virginia, Baltimore, Wilmington, and the entire Eastern Shore area hold our most frequent targeted customer base within a 100 plus-mile radius of the Easton plant.


Our highly experienced prepress/pagination production staff will take your digital project and follow it through to completion faster, better and more economically. Our pre-press technicians can receive your PDF files to our ftp site and see them through to completion using our modern direct to plate technology.


APG Chesapeake's printing plant is located in Easton, Maryland. The 15-foot-high press includes five Goss semi-automatic printing towers and two folders that can be operated as two separate presses or one press to accommodate larger page counts. We print 4 colors on all 5 of our towers using ad-litho inks and printing to SNAP guidelines.


We operate and maintain bindery and mailroom operations in our printing location, offering, stitching, trimming, gluing, inserting and mailing.

Our modern mailing services offer a cost-effective way to reach your clientele quickly and keep your postage costs down. We use the latest technology and software to provide address enhancement and presort zip+4 bar coding nationwide, CASS certification, postal carrier routing, address standardization, address list correction, inkjet labeling, mailing preparation and correct presentation to the post office for prompt delivery,.

An experienced shipping department consisting of a fleet of six trucks and vans is available for prompt, accurate delivery throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia and Maryland. We have everything needed to deliver a quality project, on time and within your budget.


With several generations of printing expertise on staff, APG Chesapeake is proud to be a continuing industry leader. Plant Managers with 20 years plus of printing experience and printing education, value our partnerships and offer exceptional service invite you to allow us to provide you the exceptional service we are noted for.

Pricing and Inquiries: Mike Bowen, Printing and Plant Manger 410-770-4124 or mbowen@chespub.com.

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