RIDGELY— While most kids are playing video games and eating junk food, these two boys from Ridgely have started their own clothing line. They have created a brand by using Adobe Illustrator, grit and focusing on their dream. With help from their moms to drive them, they are moving the merchandise for the Shore Born and Raised Clothing outdoor lifestyle apparel.

They have had success selling hats and T-shirts at sporting tournaments.

Beckett Woodworth and Keane Schneeman are in grades 10 and 7. Beckett is a student at North Caroline High School, and Keane attends a private school.

“It pretty much started during when lockdown first happened. We were sitting around just being bored. We got the idea to start a clothing brand and we named it Shore Born,” Beckett said.

A little help from mom is always useful.

“My mom works at Benedictine. So, we hooked up with them (Benedictine) and started getting shirts printed out. The lowest we could go was to print 12, so we went with that,” Keane said.

A friend posted a flyer on Facebook and suggested they attend an event at the local American Legion. They took their wares to the Everything Market at the American Legion in Stevensville and their business really took off. Then they posted it on Facebook.

They got their first big order of 100 shirts.

“We mainly market on Facebook and Instagram, but Facebook works much better,” said Beckett.

“It was the 45 to 55 age group and it was mainly females that liked us,” said Linda Schneeman. “A lot more women buy our stuff. I think it is because they’re on social media and they’re looking more than men, but I thought it would target more men because of the camo.”

They also sell decals with the Shore Born logo on it.

“So as far as prices, right now we have black stickers that take us one dollar to make. So we charge two dollars for them. And we have three dollar stickers that are in camouflage and have the Maryland flag,” said Keane.

“We have Shore Born bracelets. They are like string, and washers hammered and imprinted on and then we put a little macrame dividing knot. And that is $5,” he said.

They also have $22 hats that are camouflage with their logo in deer hunter orange. And long sleeve shirts are $30. Short sleeve shirts are $25.

“So it would be nice to find an angel investor, because right now it is coming out of our pockets to do this initial inventory. Yep. We can’t do that every time,” said Schneeman.

The teens want to market up and down the Shore.

“Kent Island, people that live right on the Shore like Ocean City and Talbot County. We were hoping to get into Molly’s in Kennedyville and Tuckahoe Sportsman. Shore Sportsman in Easton,” said Beckett.

I think our market is the outdoorsman on the water and on the Shore, Schneeman said.

The boys want to keep the whole business local: Made at Benedictine, sold in Maryland.

“They both came in and the screen printer let them print their own shirt. They got to see the embroidery for the hats and the screen printing,” Schneeman said.

Shore Born is also making bucket hats, which are short-brimmed sun hats. The brim goes all the way around the hat.

“Mainly it is our t-shirts that are selling. We have other designs, but this was the first one,” Beckett said.

Their logo has a big S and a big B placed together and then it says Shore Born beneath the letters. Sometimes they fill the letters with the Maryland flag. Other ones come in camouflage or black.

For the spring they have designed art that depicts two lacrosse sticks crossed with the Shore Born logo on it.

“At lacrosse tournaments these things fly, but then COVID came in. It kind of blew our whole plan,” said Stacy Woodworth. There would be more festivals to go to without COVID.

“A lot of my friends have bought T-shirts and hats,” said Keane.

They wear their designs whenever they can — certainly to school, but even to the barber they wear their hat. Anything to get the word out.

“I am pretty lucky because I am able to squeeze it in whenever I possibly can. Like I’ll try to do it at nighttime. Look at stuff and work things out at night. Like after sports and stuff. Saturdays are good,” Beckett said.

They have had a lot of requests for sweatshirts. They had to decide between doing a long sleeve T-shirt and a sweatshirt. They didn’t have enough working capital to do both. So they chose the long sleeve T-shirt.

Keane is more of a people person salesman, while he is better at marketing and making Instagram videos, said Beckett.

They have Emma Darling of Chestertown to thank for their on brand video of the guys fishing. They market it on Instagram.

“We have lots and lots of ideas, it is just money. We are looking for an investor — like $10,000,” Keane said.

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