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Constitution Day celebration features speeches honoring freedom

EASTON — The MidShore Constitution Alliance organized an event on the grounds of the Talbot County Courthouse Saturday to engage the community in understanding their rights and obligations under their state and federal constitutions.

Bryan Lankford, commander of the State of Maryland VFW who has been deployed multiple times in the Marine Corps since 1989, talked about the importance of the Constitution.

“The Constitution is the bedrock for our freedom and our liberties here in America. The day to recognize the Constitution 235 years later is important. Sometimes it’s not echoed enough just how important the Constitution is,” said Lankford.

Constitution Day is recognized nationwide.

“The importance of the event today to get out into the community is that people continue to remember that freedom is precious and it can be gone at any moment and that liberty is precious,” said Lankford.

The event had pocket Constitutions available and had family-friendly events, music and a rotation of guest speakers.

“Maybe there was somebody out here who wasn’t taught about the Constitution in school and was not taught about the Bill of Rights for the first ten amendments and teaching them makes sure that history continues,” said Lankford.

Michelle Ewing, director of the Constitution Alliance, spoke about the event and how it was organized.

“The Constitution Alliance was established in June of this year by a non-partisan group of Eastern Shore citizens to promote civic education and awareness of the Constitution,” said Ewing.

The event celebrates the day in 1787 when the U.S. government, as we know it, was born.

“We’re committed to this Constitution. We’re committed to the 235 years that these brilliant authors put together,” said Sheriff Joe Gamble.

The event taught about how the Constitution was crafted by the Founding Fathers.

“They knew that men and women would die protecting it. They knew that soldiers and police officers would be called to protect our Constitution and to sacrifice their very lives for the way that we live and to protect our laws,” said Gamble.

The event sought to strengthen the Constitutional IQ of youth and citizens.

“I’m so grateful for this Constitution because it gives us that base that gives us that foundation that we need to structure our lives, to structure our society and to structure our laws,” said Gamble.

The event was co-hosted by Frederick Douglass on the Hill, and the Washington College Institute for Religion, Politics and Culture. In addition to bolstering knowledge of the Constitution, there was also the opportunity to learn how Frederick Douglass used the Constitution to enable freedom.

Block party celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

EASTON — The Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center in Easton celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month Saturday with an afternoon block party.

Estela Ramirez, associate director of the Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center, talked about the event that was open to all members of the community.

“This is our second year doing and celebrating Heritage Month. The reason behind the festival is to celebrate our culture in Easton and Talbot County. We have a lot of community that lives here in Easton and many are from Central America,” said Ramirez.

The event was held on the Rails to Trails in Easton and was a family-friendly event.

“We have families who are connected with our families here in Talbot County. We have great partnerships with the libraries, schools and nonprofits that are here in Talbot. So we share our work and our events and that is how we spread the word,” said Ramirez.

Victoria Gomez Lozano, Hispanic outreach coordinator for ChesMRC, said the goal of the festival was for everyone to have a good time.

“We want to celebrate our presence here in Easton with everyone enjoying some fun, some food and some music while also spending time with their family,” said Gomez Lozano.

Gomez Lozano said the event is about highlighting samples of Hispanic culture. There were bands and even a piñata.

“The benefit is basically spending time with the community and to celebrate with us our Hispanic Heritage Month. The importance is that we are part of this country. There is a big presence of the Hispanic community here, so we want to celebrate it,” said Gomez Lozano.

There were many activities and things to see in the booths at the block party.

“Today we have this event, the block party on the Rails to Trails where we have an event with food and we’re going to have a raffle, dance contest later and some vendors so you can take a look at everything that is offered,” said Gomez Lozano.

The message of the block party was also about celebrating culture and diversity.

“I would like to say that everybody should accept everyone. This is a country that is made out of diversity so we should learn how to live all together and appreciate each person,” said Gomez Lozano.

Easton Town Councilman Al Silverstein of Ward 1 was at the celebration.

“This is a great cultural event. It shows off the culture and another culture in our community. I’m a member of the Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center board. I’m excited that they’re working with other organizations to put an event like this on,” said Silverstein.

Silverstein talked about some of the services at the block party.

“This event showcases different services. You have University of Maryland Shore Regional Center. You have Habitat for Humanity. You have the library here. You have Boy Scouts and their members, both boys and girls. We have food here. There’s music. It’s just a wonderful event,” said Silverstein.