Miasma: A Radio Play

A group of teenagers tries to make a documentary about themselves breaking onto a quarantined ranch, and this becomes the catalyst for a local tragedy and regional scandal in the radio play “Miasma.”

WYE MILLS — How do you teach acting and improvisation while socially distanced? How does a college put on its spring production in a time of quarantine?

The Phenomenal Animals have partnered with Chesapeake College’s Peake Players to present “Miasma,” an new digital “radio play” about three people sequestered on a sprawling ranch property at an undisclosed location somewhere on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Who are these people and why have they been separated from the rest of the world? Using a “found sound” format in the style of “The Blair Witch Project,” the story follows neighbors, protesters, ranch employees, and a group of teenagers who make the fateful decision to break onto the property in the dead of night.

The cast features 15 performers, including Bri Litteral, Jon Cook, Faith Berry, Dan Rosendale, Liz Henson, Nathan Stevens and Sean Priest.

Act One is available at chesapeake.edu/radioplay, while Act Two can be found at www.phenomenalanimals.com.

The Phenomenal Animals perform original adaptations of classical works of horror, fantasy, and the occult in Baltimore, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. They are artists-in-residence at Chesapeake College and have partnered with the College’s theater program to produce “Miasma.”

The production is edited and directed by Rob C. Thompson.

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