NEWARK, Del. — To offer continued assistance for customers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Delmarva Power is extending its customer support policies, through at least June 1, which include suspending service disconnections, waiving new late fees and reconnecting customers who previously were disconnected.

The company’s COVID-19 policies, designed to help ensure all customers have access to safe and reliable electric service during this critical time, launched in mid-March with Delmarva Power’s announcement to suspend service disconnections and waive new late payment charges for all of our customers. The commitment was extended shortly thereafter to reconnect customers who previously had their power disconnected. Residents who have had their electric service previously disconnected should contact the company at 800-375-7117 to begin the reconnection process.

“We recognize the impact of COVID-19 on our customers and communities has been significant, with many experiencing financial difficulties and uncertainty about the future,” said Dave Velazquez, president and CEO of Pepco, which includes Delmarva Power. “We remain committed to every customer through difficult times, and we will continue to support our communities in need. We will power through this pandemic together.”

Customers who may be challenged in paying their bills should contact Delmarva Power Customer care as soon as possible at 800-375-7117. Delmarva Power will work closely with customers to waive late payment fees, avoid having their service shut off, discuss reconnections and determine eligibility for assistance programs.

Delmarva Power representatives also can discuss payment options, like budget billing, which averages payments over a 12-month period to help customers manage their monthly energy bill, or flexible payment arrangements that offer individually tailored payment installment plans.

Throughout the year, Delmarva Power offers many other programs to help customers manage their energy costs and save money. Existing assistance programs include the Low-income Home Energy Assistance Program, a federal grant program to help low-income customers manage their energy costs and ensure service during the heating season.

Through the Good Neighbor Energy Fund, Delmarva Power works with the Salvation Army and other local organizations to offer energy assistance to Delaware and Maryland low-income customers. Delmarva Power matches contributions with $1 for every $3 that is collected, up to $70,000.

The Electric Universal Service Program helps eligible customers pay for a portion of their current electric bill. Some EUSP participants may qualify for assistance with past-due electric bills, as well as referrals to energy efficiency programs. The Utility Service Protection Program is designed to help low-income families during the heating season. Information for both programs can be found by visiting the Office of Home Energy Programs website.

Find additional information by visiting, on Facebook at power and on Twitter at Delmarva Power’s mobile app is available at

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