ANNAPOLIS — Gov. Larry Hogan’s Office of Crime Prevention, Youth and Victim Services, through its Children and Youth Division, has made more than $550,000 in new and existing Children’s Cabinet funding available to local management boards.

Hogan’s services office allowed the local boards to modify their fiscal year 2020 budgets to account for changes to in-person services, trainings and events as a result of the pandemic to address local needs including meals for children and families, personal protective equipment for service providers, as well as technology and mobile hotspots to allow young people to access internet service for learning.

The requests granted aligned with Children’s Cabinet priorities to address childhood hunger and certain Results for Child Well-Being, including “Children are Successful in School” and “Families are Safe and Economically Stable.”

Glenn Fueston, the initiative’s executive director, said its “partnership with the Local Management Board in each county in Maryland and Baltimore City is important now more than ever.”

“The Local Management Boards know their communities, and have been key to identifying and meeting the needs of children and youth during this pandemic,” Fueston said.

Jessica Wheeler, deputy director of the Children and Youth Division, called the effort to maintain resources for children and youth “crucial for our state.”

Wheeler said her division “will continue providing resources to help improve the well-being of Maryland’s children and families during this challenging time.”

The Governor’s Office of Crime Prevention, Youth and Victim Services compiled a list of resources for children, parents and youth-serving organizations to use during the COVID-19 pandemic:

For more details on the Children’s Cabinet Interagency Fund, visit

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