Kent Attainable Housing publishes resource guide, puts first home project on hold

Kent Attainable Housing has published an online guide for those in need of assistance as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and its effects on the economy. Board members are, from left, top row, Ed Minch, Dora Best, Pam Ortiz, Fredy Granillo and Nivek Johnson; bottom row, David Biehler, Jonathan Chace, Ronnie Edelman, Carolyn Brooks and Lani Seikaly.

CHESTERTOWN — Kent Attainable Housing Inc., whose mission is to make affordable housing available to families in poverty, has published an online “Resource Guide for Surviving the Challenges of the Coronavirus.”

According to a news release, the guide was compiled by board members who brought a variety of expertise to the project to help applicants know where to turn for help with job opportunities, food assistance, medical services and much more.

“Our applicants are trying to break out of the cycle of poverty by purchasing a home of their own, and now they have been thrown new curves. This guide will help them and many others in our community who need to know where to turn for help,” said Kent Attainable Housing President Lani Seikaly.

The guide can be accessed at KentAttainable

The guide was developed when the board members recognized Kent Attainable Housing applicants who had worked so hard to buy a home did not have the savings to survive lost income and bill payment, and, therefore, could not move forward in their hope to break out of poverty in the middle of this pandemic, according to the release.

Concurrently, the board reportedly decided it could not move forward with plans to place its first family in a new home on its College Avenue location because it was not safe to bring together its corps of volunteers who had signed up to help complete the house with interior and exterior work.

“Meeting our mission is more critical than ever, and we haven’t stopped working,” Jonathan Chace, board secretary, said.

Along with compiling the online list of resources, Kent Attainable Housing is helping applicants with online First Time Home Buyers classes, as well as financial classes including credit score improvement, family budgeting and financial management, and linking them with potential mortgage lenders.

The Surviving Coronavirus Challenges Resource Guide was disseminated to local organizations that work with low-income families and individuals to make it readily available to anyone who could benefit from the comprehensive set of resources in one place.

As for the organization’s first house, it was designed by Dave and Ed Minch, and engineered by Beracah Homes. It was scheduled to arrive the first week of June.

Kent Attainable Housing plans to put the house back on order once the dangers of the coronavirus clear, a release states.

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