Local doctor touched by stranger's kindness

Dennis Bryant, right, volunteered his RV to the Callahan family of Easton to help them during the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Brian Callahan is a physician at University of Maryland Shore Medical Center at Easton.

EASTON — Stories have been circulating around the nation about healthcare professionals who have chosen to distance themselves from their families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Brian Callahan is a physician at University of Maryland Shore Medical Center at Easton. His wife Emily was concerned about the possibility of possible transmission within their home.

“I have asthma and frequently get pneumonia, and I was worried about him staying in our house, especially with our four little children,” Emily Callahan said.

She reached out to the community on Facebook, asking if anyone had suggestions and was surprised with a response greater than she could have imagined.

“The Bryant family from Pasadena immediately responded that they had an RV they would bring to us,” she said. “Although we didn’t know the Bryant family, a friend of theirs had told them of our need and Dennis Bryant quickly responded with help.”

Bryant, who works for Fireline Corporation which installs fire prevention equipment, quickly hitched up his RV and made the trip to Easton.

“Within an hour, he set up his 36-foot luxury RV in our yard for my husband,” Emily Callahan said. “Mr. Bryant would not accept any payment and thanked my husband for his service working in the hospital.”

She added that a Facebook page “RVs for MDs” has been created to match healthcare workers with those who want to volunteer their RV.

“It has greatly moved us that so many people are doing this act of kindness for those on the frontline in the medical field,” she said. “We are so grateful to the Bryant family, who have helped us in our time of need.”

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Shows the kindness of others. Amen

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