CHURCH HILL — Auditions for the musical “Into the Woods” will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 23, and at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday, Feb. 25 and Feb. 27, at Church Hill Theatre.

Sylvia Maloney will direct this production, with Kevin Thomas as music director, choreography by Cavin Moore and piano accompaniment by Jane Godfrey.

This musical, with its reimagining of fairy tales and how the characters cope with the consequences when their wishes come true, opened on Broadway in November 1987 with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by James Lapine.

This production requires 23 actors to bring it to life. The principal and supporting roles are as follows:

• Narrator (male, baritone, ages 30s to 60s) is the narrator and storyteller.

• Baker (male, baritone, 25 to 45) is the focus of the plot with his wish to be a father; eager, honest.

• Baker’s Wife (female, mezzo soprano with some high notes, 20 to late 30s) is the major influence on Baker; demanding, selfish.

• Cinderella (female, soprano, late teens to 30s) wants her dreams to come true; kind, gentle.

• Little Red Riding Hood (female, alto/mezzo soprano, late teens to early 30s) seeks an adventure on her way to her grandmother’s house; candid, a bit gullible.

• Jack (male, tenor, teens to early 30s) seeks to make his mother happy; obedient, hopeful.

• Witch (female, mezzo soprano, any age) seeks to be in charge; arrogant, haughty.

• Jack’s Mother (female, alto, late 30s to 50s) seeks to be satisfied; fretful.

• Wolf (male, baritone with high notes, late 20s to 40s) seeks to satisfy his needs; conniving.

• Stepmother (female, soprano, late 30s to 50s) wants the world; domineering.

• Cinderella’s Prince (male, baritone/tenor, late 20s to 40s) seeks a bride; proud.

• Florinda (female, soprano, 20s to 30s) seeks a prince; overbearing.

• Lucinda (female, soprano, 20s to 30s) seeks a prince; belittling.

• Cinderella’s Father (male, 40s to 60s) seeks peace; duty-bound.

• Steward (male, 20s to 60s) servant to Cinderella’s prince; skeptical.

• Cinderella’s Mother (female, soprano, 40s to 50s) helps Cinderella; caring.

• Granny (female, soprano, 40s to 60s) lives in the woods; determined.

• Rapunzel (female, high soprano, late teens to 30s) seeks freedom; lonely.

• Rapunzel’s Prince (male, baritone/tenor, late 20s to 40s) seeks a bride; vain.

• Mysterious Man (male, baritone, 30s to 60s) fools people; shrewd.

• Giant (female voice only) seeks revenge; bombastic.

• Snow White (female, late teens to 30s).

• Sleeping Beauty (female, late teens to 300’s).

For the vocal audition, prepare a song, similar in genre to the music of “Into the Woods” but not from the show. Auditioners should be prepared to read from the script and to learn a brief dance routine.

Technicians also are needed and are encouraged to attend auditions.

“Into the Woods” performance dates will run from Friday, June 5, through Sunday, June 21. For more information, call Sylvia Maloney at 410-778-3783 or email



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