STEVENSVILLE — Chesapeake Fine Art Studio, at 609 Thompson Creek Road, Stevensville, hosted its sixth annual Celebration of Art on New Year’s Day, Jan. 1. Nearly 100 people attended.

Ten artists who serve as specialty instructors at the studio were on hand to provide commentary and demonstrations. CFA instructor Rita Curtis of Baltimore was the event coordinator for this year’s celebration. Keynote speaker Tim Newton of Santa Fe, N.M., spoke on the topic “Art through the Eyes of the Collector.”

Newton addressed “One Person’s Aesthetic Journey,” “How to Develop Your Eye,” “Understanding Quality” and “Finding Your Focus.” Newton has collected 350 pieces of art in the past 30 years. Originally from New York, Newton moved to Santa Fe some years ago.

Asked about the most unique piece of art he has collected, he said, “I purchased it from some of the works of a late artist Malcolm McKenzie of New York. It is a painting he did approximately five years ago.”

It shows a folded newspaper, with the name “NIXON” as part of the obscured headline, a dark leather jacket hanging from a chair and a dark, rather worn brimmed hat, hanging atop the jacket.

“I titled it ‘Deep Throat,’” Newton said. “That was the impression I got from it.”

Deep Throat was the name given to the unidentified person who provided information about the Watergate scandal that eventually led to U.S. President Richard Nixon resigning from office.

Newton’s art collection is diverse and covers a wide range of art works. He showed many of them in his PowerPoint presentation.

Chesapeake Fine Art Studio was opened six years ago by owner and director Hai-Ou Hou, who immigrated from China, where she taught at the Hubei Fine Art Institute. She has a Master of Fine Arts degree from Towson University. Every year, Hou has hosted a New Year’s Day artists’ celebration. “This year,” she said, “is our biggest celebration.”

During the celebration, the 10 artist instructors, who come to teach and coach at her studio at least once a week, answered questions and gave personal advice. The studio provides demonstrations and workshops by these artists, as well as numerous social events for local artists to network their talents and information.

For more information about CFA, call 410-200-0819 or go online to chesapeake

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