STEVENSVILLE — The Kent Island Federation of Arts hosted a reception for the “Honor Our Veterans” exhibit in Stevensville Saturday afternoon, Oct. 5. The varied display will continue to hang, free and open for public viewing, throughout October.

“I was overwhelmed with emotions with what I saw,” said Georgette Toews, past KIFA president and U.S. Air Force veteran. “The works are very thoughtful. People have shared with me that they started to cry as they looked at all the works of art and the art’s messages. I must confess, I found myself starting to cry, too. This exhibit has had an impact on those who have viewed it.”

The following artists received top awards: Best in Show Award of Excellence, George Sass for “Rest in Peace,” photograph of Wreaths Across America graves decorated at veterans cemetery; Award of Excellence to Anne McLaughlin for “Still There,” mixed media/graphics; Award of Excellence to Beth Taylor for “Old Glory” for digitally manipulated photograph; Award of Excellence to Rebecca Placek for “My Patriotic WWII Parents” for literary story; and Award of Excellence to David Terrar for “I Remember D-Day Seventy-Five Years Ago” for painting.

Honorable mentions went to Pat Lang for “Remembering Gettysburg,” Dave Murphy for “Bombs Bursting in Air,” Maureen Wheatley for “Flying Angels” and Tim Laur for “Final Hours.”

Also present at the artist’s reception on Oct. 5 was veteran and author Barbara Gilbert of Easton, who recently released the first of a series of science fiction books titled “Future Apocalypse.” The first book is about a young woman who discovers time travel to the future. What she finds is devastation, and she tries to return to her own time, but the attempt fails and she appears to be stuck in the future.

Several veterans came to the reception, viewing the art honoring them.

Queen Anne’s County American Legion Commander Chris Malm said, “I was particularly moved by the painting done by Dave Murphy titled ‘Welcome Home!’ It really got to me.”

The painting shows an active duty military man returning home and his small child jumps into his arms, hugging his father like he’d never let go.

Other veterans who attended found other works they chose as their favorites.

KIFA members said they would like to make the “Honor Our Veterans” show an annual one.

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