Cris Jacobs

Cris Jacobs, songwriter and frontman of The Bridge and now a solo artist, will perform Friday, March 13, in the Stoltz Listening Room.

EASTON — Cris Jacobs, the principal songwriter and frontman of Baltimore jam band The Bridge, will perform at 8 p.m. Friday, March 13, in the Avalon Theatre’s Stoltz Listening Room.

A rising solo act, Jacobs has released his second solo album, “Color Where You Are,” a Tom Petty-inspired arrangement with an off-kilter, syncopated groove.

Spanning rock, folk, soul and funk, and drawing from inspiration that runs the gamut from the henhouse to the White House, “Color Where You Are” is a kaleidoscopic portrait of Jacobs as a songwriter, musician and bandleader.

The title nods to Jacobs’ experience writing the album, which, as he puts it, he had to do “between tours, coming home, changing diapers, fixing things around the house ... You name it.” He no longer had the luxury of waiting for inspiration to strike, so he colored where he was.

“It was a new discipline for me and a new level of focus that I think brought out the best work,” Jacobs said. “I feel like I grew up a little bit. There are people in my life who I truly care about and things in the world I feel deeply about. That really pushed me in a stronger direction and forced me to feel things on an honest level.”

“... I’m trying to connect with people,” he said. “To express real-life human emotions and make people feel things. To connect my love of music with my love of writing and conjure up all of the joy and emotions that those things bring to me. To hopefully have people walk away feeling lighter or happier or more inspired to go do something after listening ...”

Tickets to Jacobs’ Stoltz show are $40, and available online at or by calling 410-822-7299.



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