404 Taphouse, Denton: Trivia. 7 Thursday.

447 Race Street, Cambridge: Open mic, Thursday.

Avalon Theatre, Easton: Missy Andersen & Her One Man Band, 8 Friday (Stoltz Listening Room). Eastport Oyster Boys, 8 Saturday (SLR). Frank Vignola’s Hot Jazz Guitar Trio, 8 Thursday (SLR).

Blackthorn Irish Pub, St. Michaels: Trivia, 7 Thursday.

The Blue Crab, St. Michaels: Poppy Blue Eyes, 7 Friday.

Carpenter Street Saloon, St. Michaels: Les Frampton, 2-6 Saturday. Trivia, 7-9 Wednesday. Open mic, 9-12 Thursday.

Cult Classic Brewing, Stevensville: Saved By Zero, 7 Friday. Pressing Strings, 7 Saturday. The Ones You Forgot, 7 Thursday. Open mic, 6-9:30 Tuesday. Trivia, 6-8 Wednesday.

D&B Tavern, Greensboro: Sounds Unlimited (DJ & karaoke), 9-1 Friday.

Hurlock American Legion: Karaoke w/ Shelley, 7 Friday.

Jetty Dock Bar, Grasonville: Frase Friday Acoustic, 4 Friday. Mike Hines, 8:30 Friday. Johnny Seaton, 3 Saturday. Here’s to the Night, 8:30 Saturday. Wheelhouse, 4 Sunday. Trivia, 7 Monday. Acoustic Spotlight, 6 Tuesday.

Jimmie & Sook’s Raw Bar and Grill, Cambridge: Open mic, 8-11 Tuesday. Trivia, 8 Thursday.

Ledo Pizza, Easton: DJ, Friday & Saturday. Karaoke, Tuesday. Trivia, Thursday.

Market Street Public House, Denton: Trivia, 7:30 Monday.

Rams Head on Stage, Annapolis: Phil Vassar, 8 Friday. Johnny A. & Kasim Sulton, 1 Saturday. Jimmie Vaughan, 8 Saturday. Tiffany, 8 Sunday. Steven Page, 8 Monday. JJ Grey, 8 Tuesday & Wednesday. Lee Ann Womack, 8 Thursday.

Rams Head Shore House, Stevensville: 40 Dollar Fine, 7 Friday. East Roc, 8 Saturday. Open mic w/ Kevin Amos, 6 Wednesday.

RAR Brewing, Cambridge: Open mic, 9 Thursday.

Red Eye’s Dock Bar, Grasonville: Chet Hendrix, 4 Friday. Triple Rail Turn, 8:30 Friday. John Frase, 2 Saturday. 3 am Tokyo, 8:30 Saturday. DJ Manilla, 8 Thursday.

Washington Street Pub, Easton: Speed Bingo, Monday. Trivia, Tuesday.

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