Science’s verdict is still out on whether exposure to screens is causing permanent damage to our eyes. But one Kent Island mother says it’s indisputably an issue for children whose eyes “haven’t yet built up defenses” to the light emitted by electronic devices.

Going global isn’t something new for Kevin White.

Wineries and wellness classes — not often known to go hand-in-hand.

ELKTON — With scientists touting the health benefits of mindful meditation these days, local author and spiritual coach Debbie Gill says that the true benefit is finding harmony between the mind and the body.

EASTON — We could not be without them — they are the people who hurriedly come when we are suddenly hurt, suddenly in trouble, suddenly sick, suddenly thinking we may die.

ELKTON — At first glance, the room at Upper Bay Counseling & Support Services office on Route 40 in Elkton is crammed with toys. Exercise balls, oversized pillows and a collapsible tunnel all are enough to inspire hours of play.

Ask a room full of kids what they want to be when they grow up and a number are bound to answer “firefighter.” Yet when people reach adulthood, firefighting is seldom their chosen path.

EASTON — For the past 33 years, local dentist Dr. Herbert Gorin has been on a mission to touch people’s lives around the world, giving them the opportunity to smile or be pain free.