152 Gunston students claim high honors and honors

The Gunston School in Centreville recognized 152 students for earning high honors and honors during the first quarter of the 2021-22 academic year.

CENTREVILLE — The Gunston School recognized 152 students for earning high honors and honors for the first quarter of the 2021-2022 academic year.

According to a news release, to earn a place on the high honors list, a student must have an academic average of 93 percent or above and effort grades of satisfactory, “S” or above.

To earn honors, a student must achieve an 88-92.99 average and effort grades of “S” or above.

High Honors Grade 12: Sofia Angarita, Lucy Bamford, Josh Campbell, Charlotte Cook, Bella De Leon, Colin Denault, Ashley Escobar, Nora FauntLeRoy, Jimmy Fraser, Nina Friedman, Georgia Gillespie, Paige Holmes, Kallena Kemp, Colin Lang, Samantha LeCrone, Ju Lee, Abbey Miller, Maggie Miller, Lexi Norman, Adam Papadopoulos, Summer Salos, Tessa Schut, Matthew Sharpless, Danielle Simmons, and Jude Smith.

Honors Grade 12: Andrew Baughman, Sebastian Borland, Anastasia Clair, Robert Crow, Ben Cunningham, Jian (Daniel) Dang, Morgan Garner, Sheila Groz, Evie Hagan, Madi Hanlon, Aidan Ireland, Rui (Spencer) Liu, Leo Santoboni, and Thomas Umidi.

High Honors Grade 11: Nick Abell, Zack Adams, Maddie Algier, Olivia Amygdalos, Kelby Booth, Julia Buchanan, Kate Campbell, Grace Evans, Catherine Hansen, Natalie Henry, Cy Johnston, Paget Kellogg, YaXin (Angelina) Lin, Julia McClary, Zach Mozher, Lane Parkhurst, Julia Reed, Damian René, Isabelle Requena, Mekonnen Sahle-Selassie, Aaron Sanderson, MacKenzie Smith, Will Stuart, Brielle Tyler, and Yining Wei.

Honors Grade 11: McKinsey Brown, Sadie Cloud, Tom de los Reyes, Charles Evans, Alanna Grace, Eli Ireland, Paige Kroncke, Garrett Lang, Jennie LaTorre, Calla McCluskey, Ava Melvin, Grace Anne Phillips, Miranda Pope, Andrew Rich, Autumn Watson, Oliver White, Jiacheng (Jason) Ye, and Linze (Alfred) Zhao.

High Honors Grade 10: Zoe Buzzelli, Allie Fitzgerald, Trevor Green, Colin Hallmark, Jessica Hammond, Caeden Harrison, Abbie Houseknecht, Samantha Jayne, Lucas LaFleur, Madi Lutz, Josie Merton, Caitlin Myers, Josh Nuessle, Tilghman Overton, Joanna Riley, Ava Runz, Annabelle Sinatra, Jonah Smith, and Isabella Taylor.

Honors Grade 10: Quinn Baughman, Michael Billings, Ben Cook, Alice Crouch, Liam Dickey, Harrison Dunstan, Eddie Gillespie, Rowan Larkin, Wil Mertes, Matthew Periconi, Kate Porter, Marilyn Prud’homme, Taylor Rainer, Jan Serraviñals, and Jackson Wood.

High Honors Grade 9: Lily Brantner, Allison Davis, Alex Elfenbein, Brayden Hamm, Grace Hanlon, Phoebe Kelly, Victoria MacGlashan, Isla McCollum, Justin McCubbin, Elijah Moore, Margaret Randolph, Alivia Runz, Zachary Steinberg, and Mia Walker.

Honors Grade 9: Olivia Arthur, Alexa Duncan, Elena Fraser, Addison Holden, Trevor Janssen, RP Johnson, Nina Johnston, Alli Lutz, V McCluskey, Sam Mielke, Louise Mulock, Tori Nessly, Abby Nolan, Benta Owino, Elizabeth Pupke, Evelyn Russ, Katherine Sadler, Emma Sharp, Grace Shepherd, Jackson Showalter, and Jackson Stranahan.

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