EASTON — The Maryland Council on Economic Education, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving economic and financial literacy in the state’s schools, recently announced the winning elementary, middle and high school teams of its fall 2015 Stock Market Game, with groups from Easton Elementary School (Moton) and Easton Middle School winning their respective categories. This year marks the 30th anniversary of MCEE bringing the SMG into Maryland schools.

The winning group from Easton Elementary was advised by Karen Davis, and the winning group from Easton Middle was advised by Ed Keeler. The winners of the high school competition were from Stephen Decatur High School and were advised by Kurt Marx.

MCEE has been offering the SMG to Maryland teachers and students since 1985. In the first year, there were 26 teams. In 2015, 810 teams participated in the fall for a total of 2,797 students. MCEE will celebrate the SMG’s 30th anniversary in Maryland schools on Wednesday, May 18, at its annual awards luncheon.

The SMG is an educational simulation that teaches about the stock market, the American economic system and the global economy. Done through personal computers at school and supervised by a teacher trained by MCEE, SMG participants develop skills in mathematics, language arts, research and critical thinking, while building and maintaining a stock portfolio.

“We’re not teaching the students how to make money in 10 weeks, but rather how to become smart, lifelong investors,” said Dr. Allen Cox, MCEE’s Stock Market Game coordinator. “The Stock Market Game plants the seed for students to figure out there’s a whole world out there and how it affects their portfolio — because it really does. This simulation is not about making or losing money but about thinking critically about the transactions the teams choose to make and being able to explain and support their choices. To be bringing this incredible program into Maryland schools for 30 years is a tremendous accomplishment and we look forward to the next 30.”

Participants in grades four to 12 register for a fall, spring or year-long session, and are taught grade-level lessons on investing. Classes are divided into teams of three to six students who research industries and the companies within those industries in order to make sound investments. Then each team is given a virtual $100,000 to invest in common stocks. The fall and spring games last 10 weeks each, and the year-long teams participate in both sessions. During this time, the team works together to manage its portfolio and create a successful investment management strategy.

MCEE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and affiliate of the national Council For Economic Education.

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