WYE MILLS The Women & Girls Fund's 2012 "Women Who Lead" series will focus on "financial wellness" and features three top-tier professional women who are experts on a range of personal economic issues, from investment strategies and financial planning to risk management, estates, trusts and philanthropy.

The program will begin at 7 p.m. Wednesday, March, 21, in the Louise Cadby Theatre (Room H-103) in Chesapeake College's Humanities Building. It is free and open to the public.

"In today's world, financial advice extends beyond picking individual stocks; it requires planning from cradle to grave," said Beth Spurry, president of the Women & Girls Fund board. "Our panelists not only are experts in their fields, they are all entrepreneurs in an industry that is male dominated."

The three experts who will make presentations and take questions from the audience are Jenny Van Leeuwen Harrington, CEO and portfolio manager for Gilman Hill Asset Management in Westport, Conn.; Dorie F. Rosenband of Baltimore, managing partner and financial planner at the &Wealth Partners in New York City; and Eugenia C. Wootten, an attorney who specializes in estates and trusts in Chestertown.

Spurry said she is especially pleased this year's panel, is focusing on issues relating to personal finance.

"These programs give us an opportunity to showcase women who have been successful in their fields women who can inspire and enlighten," Spurry said. "For younger women in the audience, it provides real life examples of career paths and possibilities they may not have considered or thought out of reach. For others, the information is candid and relevant. We hope everyone takes away a better understanding of not just the content of the presentation, but the people who are presenting."

Harrington started her career at the investment bank Goldman Sachs, then spent five years as a vice president and portfolio manager at Neuberger Berman. She joined Gilman Hill in 2006, having joined Westport Capital Markets, LLC just before the two firms merged.

Rosenband, the third generation of financial planners in her family, says she started &Wealth Partners "to fulfill the entrepreneurial legacy of her family" after a 12-year career at Smith Barney. &Wealth focuses "primarily on serving the needs of women who are managing the emotional and financial complexity after the death of their spouse," she said.

Wootton, a graduate of the University of Baltimore School of Law, joined the Chestertown firm of Rasin and Wootton in 1984, after practicing at Adkins, Potts & Smethurst in Salisbury. She represents clients in the areas of real estate, wills, estates, probate and general business law.

Long active in her Mid-Shore community, Wootton is vice chairman of the Chester River Health System Board, chairman of the Kent County Ethics Commission and a director of PNC Bank. "These women are independent leaders in their fields," Spurry said. "We know them all and chose them for this program because they are approachable, great communicators. The audience is going to learn lots and leave with a brain full of good advice."

Contact The Women & Girls Fund at 410-770-8347 for information.


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