RIDGELY — Benedictine revealed an updated look as part of the organization’s 60th anniversary celebration. For six decades, Benedictine has worked to fulfill its mission to help children and adults with developmental disabilities achieve their greatest potential.

“Our organization has grown and evolved over the years, and we felt that during this time of celebration we wanted to refresh our logo to reflect who we are today, while representing our long history,” Benedictine Executive Director Scott Evans said.

While Benedictine may be better known by the legacy of the Sisters of the Order of St. Benedict, whose work at the school dates back to 1887, today the organization continues to transform as a modern special education center for Maryland’s differently abled.

Benedictine’s refreshed look aims to reflect their continued innovation in the field of special education.

“With our updated logo, we enhanced the arch and the star which depict the pathway to learning here on campus, and its upward alignment symbolizes how we are always reaching to achieve our greatest potential,” Evans said. “We also chose a traditional font for our motto, ‘Learning for Living,’ to reflect the long history of our organization as well as incorporate a maroon color taken from the crest of the Order of St. Benedict.”

Benedictine’s programs and services provide employment, job and life-skills training, as well as day and residential educational and recreational services on the school’s campus in Ridgely, through its Community Services and Training Center in Easton, and through 19 group homes throughout the Eastern Shore and in Annapolis.

As Benedictine has grown over the years into one of the top six employers in the area, its services continue to best meet the needs of the individuals it serves.

With over 400 staff members, the organization provides school, residential and community-based programs for 65 children and more than 100 adults, Benedictine is a nationally recognized and accredited program.

Benedictine’s 60th anniversary celebrations kicked off at the start of the new school year in August with staff events scheduled each month, including a company-wide picnic on campus. Celebrations will culminate at Spring Benefit, the organization’s annual fund-raising event, set for April 25, 2020, at the Tidewater Inn in Easton.

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