DENTON — Caroline County Sheriff’s Deputy Cpl. Stacey DeWitt competed in and won first place in the United States Powerlifting Coalition Grit Iron Classic, Oct. 31, at The Edge Training Academy in Stevensville. DeWitt finished first place in the 82.5kg Master’s Division (previous first place at the Maryland State Championships).

This meet was a smaller powerlifting meet with only 16 lifters and the first time the USPC has been on the Eastern Shore, but DeWitt said this meet was just as fun and serious as the MD State Championships. Since the USPC is a brand new powerlifting federation, established this year, this was DeWitt’s first meet with the USPC, but her second successful meet in 2020.

DeWitt ended the day going 8 for 9 with a total weight lifted of 727 lbs. (Squat: 220 lbs., Bench: 192.9 lbs., Deadlift: 314.1 lbs.). As the USPC is a new Powerlifting Federation, state records are still being established, however, that didn’t stop DeWitt from increasing her overall weight total by 60 lbs. since her last meet on Aug. 1, 2020, and setting a new personal record on Deadlift.

DeWitt said she owes a lot to her wife and biggest supporter, Natalie DeWitt, who still continues to push her to her limits inside the gym. DeWitt also credited mentor and coach, fellow past powerlifter and record holder Dan Hernandez, who resides in Caroline County.

Having recently taken the position of USPC State Chair for MD and DE, DeWitt will be looking for gyms in both states to host future meets along with people who are interested in becoming a judge with the USPC.

DeWitt said her goal is to bring more USPC meets to Delaware and across the Eastern Shore. She plans to continue to train, but will focus on coaching her 15-year-old daughter, who has just started her journey in Powerlifting. DeWitt is hoping for her daughter to compete in an April meet with the USPC, and she plans to compete herself in a USPC meet in Kentucky in June 2021.

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