Engineer builds 'bridges' with youngsters

Richard Kerslake, retired civil engineer and guest speaker at Peachblossom Learning Community, is all smiles after speaking to the primary and elementary classes in October. He is shown here with some of the youth from the primary class.

EASTON — Peachblossom Learning Community, a secular homeschooling community in Easton that serves students 5 years and older, recently hosted retired engineer Richard J. Kerslake of Easton and his wife Peg Kerslake.

Richard Kerslake spoke to both primary and elementary social skills classes about building bridges, something he has done for more than 30 years.

He showed the students pictures of different kinds of bridges, such as stone arch, covered and railroad bridges, and the youngsters drew pictures of their favorite bridge for him during an interactive question-and-answer session.

Kerslake discussed the importance of a foundation as the basis of a bridge and how bridges affect commerce today.

The students gave their guests a carved pelican. They will take it to Florida where they love pelicans.

“Of particular note was the excellent job each member of the class did with introducing themselves to our new guests, along with handshakes, eye contact and smiles which were emphasized by Mrs. Kerslake,” social skills teacher Linda Schwarten Evans said.

“We also took time out to review for our guests the lessons learned to date: friendship, respect, magic words and responsibility,” Evans said. “In a further effort of community involvement, Mr. Kerslake volunteered to build a miniature lectern or podium for the youth to develop their public speaking skills.”

“By offering classes, workshops, clubs, field trips and events, we strive to enrich each child’s home school education with experiential learning and social engagement,” said Melissa North Grant, director of PLC.

“We support members’ individual needs and varying academic philosophies to nurture education that is fueled by a child’s natural curiosity and passion,” Grant said. “Our aim is to foster a sense of inter-connectedness, global thinking and stewardship in a vibrant learning environment.”

The PLC Code of Friendship includes using kind words, listening to others, taking turns, helping others when they need it, treating others how we would want to be treated, doing our best and being positive.

The three age groups of classes at PLC are: Primary: 5-7 years old, Elementary: 8-11 years old and Teen: 12+ years old. PLC meets on Wednesdays from 9:30 a.m. — 3:30 p.m. and include STEM, PE/Yoga, Art, Recess, Life/Social Skills, and Foreign Language.

For more information about the Peachblossom Learning Community, email info@peachblossomlearning or visit Facebook.

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